Woman Rushed to the Store, Only to Come Back and Find Her Dog’s Tongue Turned Blue Out of the Blue.

Woman Went To The Store Quickly Only To Return And See That Her Dog’s Tongue Is Suddenly Blue

Have you ever seen a dog who is not mischievous every once in a while? Me either – all of them can be adorable little troublemakers if given the chance.

Mine would regularly love to cautiously steal the food from the table during the family gatherings, and sometimes he would even try to do it directly in front of us.

It’s in their nature to do this and it almost always makes for funny stories you could tell people.

In this story, we will talk about a woman from Tennessee who left her dog in the car and found out that his tongue had turned blue when she returned. I wonder why.

His Tongue Turned Blue

dog leaning his head on car console
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When Rhonda Meeks was driving to her local grocery store in Tennessee to go and buy herself a water bottle, she had to leave her dog, Lily, alone for a few minutes.

She made sure to keep the air conditioning running in order to make sure it was the right temperature for the dog.

However, when she left, Meeks couldn’t even anticipate what happened next with Lily. She came back to her car and was shocked.

Lily’s tongue had suddenly turned blue. It’d been less than 3 minutes since she entered the store and came back. What happened in such a short time span?

photo of dog with blue tongue
Source: @icieedoglily

Then, it was obvious. Meeks had just started laughing out loud by what happened  she just couldn’t contain herself.

She told The DodoWhen I got in the car, she didn’t look at me at first. She just looked out the window.

So, What Caused It

cup with blue ice
Source: Sai Phaengsavanh

Well, it didn’t take much time for her to guess what had happened. Meeks left a cup of Blue Icee in her cup holder, and Lily decided to be mischievous and try it herself.

She made emphasis on the fact that the sugar inside the Blue Icee was not toxic for dogs, but it’s best to avoid altogether.

Why didn’t Meeks just hide it? Well, she didn’t think for a second that Lily would be interested in the Blue Icee.

However, what she does love is regular ice. Meeks said: She absolutely loves loves loves. Any time any of us goes to the refrigerator, she jumps up and runs to it.

golden retriever sitting in car
Source: @icieedoglily

In Lily’s eyes, the Blue Icee was close enough to the real deal and that made it okay for her to go for it and try something new.

However, unfortunately for her, evidence was all over her tongue and there was no hiding this one.

The whole event in the end proved out to be a positive one, as Lily got some ice that she craved and Meeks got a good laugh out of it.

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