Woman Adopts ‘The Perfect Dog,’ Only to Discover His Heartbreaking Secret

Woman Adopts ‘The Perfect Dog,’ Then Learns He Hides A Heartbreaking Secret

Just when you think you have it all figured out, life proves you wrong.

Tasia, a huge dog enthusiast from Tennessee, always had the dream of getting the perfect Bully dog from a breeder, and one day – her dream came true!

She and her family were over the moon when this sweet, little Bully called Oso stepped into their house, and into their life.

For two years, life was good, and so was the time spent with Oso, until one day, she learned a heartbreaking truth – that her “perfect dog” was far from being perfect!

The (Not So) Perfect Dog

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Oso was the definition of a dog without any flaws. Even though he had an 80-pound body and a massive head (that was slightly uncommon, even for bully breeds) – he was just perfect in every way.

He was the sweetest lovebug, which adapted into her family so amazingly. He just clicked with everyone, especially with her children. But, after two years, her astonishing boi revealed an unpleasant, heartbreaking secret.

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Oso had a genetic heart issue. His heavy breathing and the fact that he wasn’t so active weren’t just caused by his weight and his surprisingly short legs, but by an inborn condition.

Unfortunately, Oso wasn’t bred quite properly. As much as his body type was so hauntingly cute, it actually caused him a lot of problems.

For one thing, this sweet boi could not go down the stairs without tumbling his head. And, he definitely could not go hiking or perform some high-intensity exercise!

“We naively thought getting a puppy from a breeder would mean fewer health issues- WRONG. We’ve learned so much about how dogs are being bred, and how even seemingly “reputable” breeders are using “backyard” breeding practices,” Tasia wrote on Instagram.

Tasia was devastated to learn this hard truth, but Oso’s condition actually made her revise her overall mindset and the way she sees breeding!

Oso Changed His Family’s Mindset

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Oso’s story made Tasia completely change her perception. Her loving dog was exhibit A that there’s no such thing as perfect breeding, and that made her wonder.

Instead of paying huge amounts of money – why wouldn’t she consider adopting a dog from a shelter instead?

She already had Oso and one other dog – Koa, but she was inclined to add one extra set of paws to her furry family. And, after all, Tasia knew many people who found their soulmate dog in local shelters.

“Many people think if you want a perfect dog, you need to buy them. One, the perfect dog doesn’t exist. You don’t know what the future holds for that dog. And two, I know people who have their dream dog and they came from a shelter,” says Tasia.

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Her new way of thinking led her to Norcal Bully Breed Rescue, from Sacramento, California – the rescue dedicated to saving major medical bullies. That’s when she saw him – BamBam, a Frenchie with a bilateral cleft lip and a cleft palate.

In a way, BamBam was perfect the way he was, and Tasia’s whole family immediately fell in love with him, even though they just saw him on the internet. Her 10-year-old daughter even wrote a heartwarming letter to the facility, hoping they would consider their application.

And, indeed – they did!

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BamBam became the third doggo member of their family – and immediately adapted to the pack! Oso and Koa welcomed him with paws wide open, and so did the kids!

Tasia was so grateful for bringing BamBam into her family. She knew right from the start that she made a good decision, and her brand-new Frenchie just proved her right!

In a way, BamBam and Oso understand each other perfectly, and even though they share similar, sad circumstances, they never take the smile off their faces!

Oso is currently five, and he’s still going strong. His mom appreciates every second around him, and she really hopes Oso has many more years in their home.

“Our vets told us she didn’t expect Oso’s life span to exceed 6-8 years. I know that’s just speculation and they could be wrong, but the years go fast and even at a full life expectancy their lives just aren’t long enough,” wrote Tasia.

Even though he didn’t turn out to be “perfect” the way Tasia first imagined, Oso indeed became the perfect boi for her mom!
It’s just like the legendary Bob Marley once said: “Perfect guys don’t exist, but there’s always one guy that is perfect for you.” And, without any doubt, that guy is – Oso!

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