“When This Baby Was Born, It Was the Size of a Coca-Cola Bottle!”

Defying the Odds, Premature Infant Weighing Less Than a Coke Bottle Battles to Finally Join Loving Parents at Home
Defyiпg the Odds, Premature Iпfaпt Weighiпg Less Thaп a Cοke Bοttle Battles tο Fiпally Jοiп Lοviпg Pareпts at Hοme
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When Rebekah Pegg and her companion Adam’s child was delivered in April 2021, smaller than a Coke bottle, they feared she would not survive until Christmas.


Three months prematurely, Roxanne was born weighing only 1 pound and 14 ounces. Her parents, Rebekah Pegg and Adam Bray, feel very fortunate to begin the year 2022 with their three-year-old daughter and their elder daughter.

Rebekah, age 26, states, “There were several terrifying moments when we were uncertain as to Roxanne’s survival.”

Rebekah was rushed into the operating room when the heartbeat of her daughter ceased.

She stated, “It was awful, but the midwives assured me that Roxanne would be delivered without a peep.

However, when she sobbed, everything became somewhat unclear.

“At two weeks old, she was smaller than a Coke bottle, and she was so frail that I was afraid to hold her.”



In addition, Rebekah, who is on maternity leave as a school chef, states, “Having her at home with us and celebrating Christmas with her and Isabella feels very precious.”

Four weeks into Rebekah’s pregnancy with Roxanne in October 2020, an ovarian cyst ruptured and nearly terminated the pregnancy.

“I was rushed to the hospital in excruciating agony and told both positive and bad news. I was told that, despite being expectant and in the early phases of my pregnancy, there was a high probability that I would miscarry because I required emergency treatment for a ruptured cyst.




Rebekah was brought to the hospital on April 2, 2021, when she was 28 weeks pregnant, because she was feeling ill and exhibiting decreased activity.

“I was placed on a monitor to keep an eye on the infant,” Rebekah explains. Three hours later, the infant’s heartbeat slowed, and the room quickly filled with medical personnel; the situation was terrifying.


“Within minutes of my arrival in the operating room, Roxanne was delivered via emergency C-section. She uttered a small groan during delivery, but then she lost consciousness, and the physicians labored on her for eleven of the longest minutes of my life.

I caught a fleeting glimpse of her in an incubator enveloped in a plastic bag to keep her toasty, with a small oxygen mask on her face, as she was rushed to the NICU.


“I visited her daily, but leaving the hospital without my child was devastating,” Rebekah explains.

“The extraordinary organization Emily’s Star assisted us by donating a neonatal package to me.

“We took the photo of her with the Coca-Cola bottle when she was two weeks old to show our friends and family how minuscule she was. I could not comprehend how fragile she was.”

Roxanne could return home after 96 days in the hospital. However, she was able to celebrate her first Christmas with her elder sister and family.

Rebekah proclaims, “Christmas is always beautiful, but this year is especially lovely because we have our little miracle with us.”

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