(VIDEO)Rescuers Transform the Life of a Depressed Dog Held Captive for 5 Years

Rescuers Save A Depressed Dog Who Had Been Tied Up For 5 Years

One of the best things about dogs is that everyone can adopt or find their own furry friend. It is also one of the worst things, as this allows people who abuse animals to own one.

Many people who have guard dogs take little care of them, and leave them outside, chained for pretty much their whole life.

In this story, we will talk about a depressed dog who had spent 5 years of his life chained to his small yard.

He Looks So Defeated

dog in mud
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After being called to help out their neighbors, Mandy and her husband noticed a chained dog in someone else’s yard.

They knew right away that they had to do something to help the poor animal, as he was in horrible shape.

The neighbors told them that he had been chained there for 5 years. His yard had looked terrible, and the dog just looked depressed, not even reacting to his new guests.

Mandy and her husband took him for a short walk and then back to their truck, so he could receive proper medical help somewhere in Texas.

She told The DodoHe looked completely defeated. My husband couldn’t get that eye contact out of his head.

dog in the car
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He seemed to really enjoy the ride, as it was likely his first time seeing the outside world in a new light.

The second they were home, the dog’s mood had changed quite a bit. He was a lot happier now that he was out of that awful place.

An Amazing Transformation

depressed dog laying
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When they arrived at a veterinarian clinic in Texas, it turned out that he was severely heartwormed, so the treatment for that was going to take a while and it was quite expensive.

Mandy said: So, I posted the story about him and it went viral. And, so that’s how I was able to raise the money for him.

After his treatment, they moved the dog into an office because they thought he was not ready to meet his other siblings just yet.

However, he proved them wrong quickly one day when he got out of the office and met the other dogs.

woman with dog in the yard
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His actions showed them that he was a very gentle dog who just wanted an opportunity to show his love to everyone around him.

The family just loves how his attitude has improved over time, and it really shows just how little it takes to make them happy.

Mandy said: We did find a couple of homes for him, but we just kept feeling like he’s our dog whether we planned to have another dog or not.

Even if he doesn’t find a new home, Mandy just feels that he is their dog and the family will keep him regardless of what happens.

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