Transformation Tale: Stray Dog, Once Sleeping on Trash Bags, Transforms with Love from New Owner

Stray Dog Who Slept On Trash Bags Looks Completely Different Thanks To The New Owner’s Love

Adopting a pup will always be a very noble act. I can’t even imagine the happiness a dog feels when he enters a warm home after spending countless nights on cold streets.

One pup felt exactly that. As soon as a woman who looked for a furry companion heard that there was a pup who was trying to survive life on the street, she knew she had to get her.

A Rough Past

Sadly, Stella was one of those dogs who wasn’t lucky enough to have a family who would take care of her. So, she had to do it herself.

Apart from searching for scraps in order to eat, this poor pup also had to look for shelter to keep her safe. However, having to sleep on trash bags was anything but safe…

Despite her tough luck, this adorable dog never lost hope, and she knew deep down in her heart that somebody will come and rescue her.

And, she was right! An incredible woman by the name of Heather Martin was searching for a furry member to add to her human family.

When a friend told her about Stella, she knew she had to meet her.

A co-worker shared with me about Pooches Out of Puerto Rico, so my husband and I looked into them. We fell in love [with Stella] instantly,” said Heather.

A New Chapter

As soon as the two met, they clicked instantly. Heather described Stella as a “loving, sweet, playful, and curious super chewer who loves to be in the sun” and we are sure that Stella had some sweet barks directed at Heather, too.

Deciding to adopt Stella, Heather took her to the vet for a needed and thorough checkup.

Stella was left at a dump and somehow survived sleeping on garbage bags and eating whatever she could find. She had extreme mange, roundworms, hookworms and scabies. She only weighed 9 pounds when they rescued her.

Being the brave girl she is, Stella recovered in no time and was very excited about her new life.

A Brand-New Pup

Being surrounded by so much love and affection, Stella looked like a completely different pup.

She was super healthy and she loved to play. That is why Heather decided she needed a furry buddy to keep up with her. She went to the local rescue and got Stella a doggo sibling called Lulu.

Stella and Lulu became the best of friends, filling the house with nothing but irresistible puppy joy.

Stella has been a ray of sunshine. [She] knows when we need love and will cuddle us. She wants nothing but love and truly is perfect.

Final Word

Luckily, Stella was fortunate enough to meet somebody as amazing as Heather to take her from the streets and into a loving home.

But, not every dog has this fate. A scary number of dogs are still forced to live on the streets and fight for scraps in order to survive. Any form of help, no matter how seemingly small, can create a significant impact in their lives.

Together, let’s extend a helping paw to our local rescues, shelters, and these furry souls and make a difference in their world.

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