They Called Him ‘Broken Dog’, Then He Blossoms Into the Greatest Therapist Ever

They Called Him ‘Broken Dog’, Then He Blossoms Into The Greatest Therapist Ever

Doggos like Cole are as rare as double rainbows, and their presence represents nothing but the biggest gift to all of humanity.

His inspiring story has touched millions of hearts all over the world so far, but despite that, this dog just never ceases to amaze us, ever!

Cole was born as a deaf pup. He spent the first several months of his life as an overlooked boi at a local New Jersey shelter. He has been passed up by numerous families because he was deemed “broken.”

What this sweet Pittie didn’t know at the time was that his unique condition and those two words hanging above his crate – “SPECIAL NEEDS” – would be a trigger for the most amazing journey one dog can possibly have!

This is how his story unfolds!

Cole’s Amazing Journey

dog sitting in front of the bus
Source: @colethedeafdog

If there’s one thing that we can say with certainty, it’s that Cole has always been a special dog! Born as a deaf puppy, he had a rough start at a local shelter, as he spent months watching other doggos find their forever families from a tiny kennel.

One day, a public school music teacher from New Jersey, Christopher Hannah, came to the shelter to adopt a dog, and the sign above Cole’s crate made him stop in his tracks.

He immediately fell in love with the idea of adopting Cole, and the fact that he was deaf just made him want him even more!

Chris had a little nephew who was also deaf and he just thought that he and Cole would get along so nicely.

Guy kissing his dog
Source: @colethedeafdog

One day, a man asked Chris why he would even consider the idea of adopting “a broken dog,” and it sparked a fire inside him! This man’s words immediately made him think of his nephew and change his entire mindset.

The fact that Cole instantly had a way with everyone made him pursue the idea of training his companion to be a therapy dog. And, that’s when everything started changing for this amazing duo!

It’s Okay To Be Different

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Source: @colethedeafdog

During the training process, Chris realized how amazing of a dog Cole was. With every new day, he soaked up all the knowledge and perfected sign language in no time.

But, even more than that, Cole never stopped exhibiting an amazing relationship with children and people in general! It was as if he was just born to be a therapist! His endless capacity to show tenderness and love was simply natural!

dog in a dog school
Source: @colethedeafdog

Chris successfully trained Cole to be a licensed therapy dog, and the two have been working together at Dr. Mennies School ever since! Every day, Cole inspires students who cope with the feeling of “brokenness” to learn how to love and self-empower themselves.

“Cole, along with Chris’ deaf nephew have taught children that it is ​ok​ to be different, helped students recover courage and self-respect, and inspired acts of kindness throughout the community,” it is stated on Cole’s official website.

This amazing Pittie helps them overcome their personal obstacles throughout the social-emotional learning program.

By showing them how to persist in this world deaf and sometimes completely cut off from reality, Cole has served as an inspiration to many  and has changed many lives for the better!

ASPCA Dog Of The Year

Source: @colethedeafdog

Not only does he volunteer at his dad’s school – Cole does so much more than that!

When he’s not helping his loving students, this unique Pittie volunteers at NJ Veterans Memorial Home. Due to amazing results in the work with veterans, Cole was even declared their official mascot!

He also helps hospice patients in his local community and visits care facilities all over New Jersey to bring happiness to those in need.

guy and his famous dog
Source: @colethedeafdog

Last, but not least, Cole received an award in 2023 for being the ASPCA dog of the year! It was a really emotional moment when his dad received this wonderful news, but Cole absolutely and totally deserved it!

Being a rescue dogs’ pawbassador, an amazing therapist, a local community helper, and just the greatest companion ever, this reward just reaffirmed that Cole is a one-of-a-kind dog.

“One little Deaf shelter dog that has blossomed into a hero… it’s all guided by destiny and fate. We are beyond fortunate and blessed to be on the journey we are on. We thank you for believing,” Christopher wrote on Instagram.

Once a dog that no one gave a chance to, Cole’s now living his best life with his dad, helping countless people overcome their fears and start living without holding back – just as he once did!

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