Stranded and Sightless: Abandoned in an Unfamiliar Place, His Fear Was Overwhelming.

This Adorable Puppy Gets To See Clearly For The First Time In Its Life

An innocent little puppy with a serious health condition was sadly abandoned in an unknown location.

This poor little soul was in terrible pain, all alone, and had his eyes completely shut. With no means to see and abandoned in a completely unknown location, he was absolutely terrified.

Thankfully, a local rescuer, Danu Colombo, who dedicated his life to saving furry lives, found this poor puppy and decided that he’d do everything possible to save him.

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The Miracle Makeover 

photo of an abandoned dog in a very bad condition
Source: Danu Colombo

Danu named him Boroque and started immediately with his treatment.

Under Boroque’s fluffy coat, you could only feel bones, as he was severely underweight. They soon found out that Boroque suffered from Demodectic mange, sometimes just called ‘Demodex’ or ‘red mange’.

This caused his face to be super swollen, infected, and without the ability to open his eyes.

His fur was also peeling on the rest of his body, especially on his legs. It was so terrible that as soon as someone would touch him, his hair would fall out.

Boroque was sadly also very weak, and his belly was full of parasites. The treatment was not easy at all.

They had to give him special food with vitamins and antibiotics, special baths, and pray that he would be able to survive.

photo of a dog with infected eyes next to medicine and products
Source: Danu Colombo

After two weeks of treatment, Boroque was starting to feel better.

healed dog lying on a blanket
Source: Danu Colombo

His eyes gradually opened, he started wagging his tail, and he was even friendly with other dogs.

It was such a great improvement, but there was still a long road to recovery ahead of Boroque.

Beauty Unleashed

photo of Baroque and an other dog sitting on wooden stairs
Source: Danu Colombo

Danu, Boroque’s rescuer, and everyone around him who helped with treatment and taking care of dogs, fell in love with this little pup.

They were all so happy that this tiny dog found its way into their life.

Slowly, over time, Baroque was starting to feel better. His temperament improved and he was becoming more friendly.

Also, his fur started to grow back. 

After the treatment was completed, Boroque was almost completely unrecognizable. He was a completely new dog – a gorgeous one.

Baroque healed and happy lying on the floor
Source: Danu Colombo

He wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for Danu, his friends, and life-saving treatment.

Boroque is now a stunning dog that is super friendly and loves to play. He is also much bigger now.

This heartwarming journey is a true example of how a single touch of love can transform someone’s life in the blink of an eye.

The beauty of everyone is already within them, but it only takes the right person to see it and bring it to light.

If there were more people like Danu Colombo, this world would be a better place. Thank you for saving this little boy and letting his beauty shine. 

You can watch Boroque’s journey and transformation into a beautiful pup here:

This Dog Using Other Canines As His Headrest Will Warm Your Heart

This Dog Using Other Canines As His Headrest Will Warm Your Heart

When I think of a doggy daycare, I see images of pups running around and playing with each other, but I guess Linkin has a different definition of a doggy daycare than I.

Instead of chasing balls or engaging in playful antics, Linkin has earned a reputation as the resident nap aficionado at his local daycare.

This pup has managed to turn the bustling daycare into his very own relaxation haven by using his fellow four-legged friends as his own personal headrest.

The King Of Cuddles

Linkin is a two-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback pup that attends Urban Canine doggy daycare.

Usually, dogs spend their day at Urban Canine running around and playing with each other, but Linkin is a bit different.

Everyone at the daycare knows him as “The King of Cuddles” because as soon as he walks through the door, he immediately looks for someone to cuddle with.

There is no pup at this daycare that Linkin hasn’t used as his personal headrest.

The usual target, and his favorite snuggling buddy, is his sister, Luna. In his desire to be as close as possible to her, Linkin doesn’t just use her as his headrest, but sometimes, he even fully sits on her.

Anyone who grew up with brothers knows pretty well that this is completely normal sibling behavior.

But, Luna is not the only dog Linkin likes to cuddle with.

He loves to sleep on his furry friends so much that the daycare has started weekly episodes of “Linkins Cuddle of the Week” to show their followers who Linkin was using as a cuddle buddy that week.

This is Eli.

This is Wilma. She loved sleeping with Linkin, and this time, she used him as her pillow.

Scotia was a very comfortable and furry pillow.

And, this is Aria ❤️

Linkin might be a large dog, but that doesn’t stop him from finding the perfect headrest (small or large), burying his head into it and peacefully falling asleep.

“Lion hunter defines his breed, but he’s definitely a lamb at heart!,” Urban Canine wrote on their Facebook, and I think this is the most perfect description of Linkin ever.

He doesn’t discriminate with his cuddles, so even the chair and the daycare workers get to cuddle with him. For the end, take a look at this adorable video shared by the daycare, which will melt your heart.

Woman Finds A Shocking Note On Her Door After Leaving Her Dog Home Alone

Woman Finds A Shocking Note On Her Door After Leaving Her Dog Home Alone

Dogs are known troublemakers. However, unlike most humans, many of them don’t realize that what they are doing sometimes is going to cause problems.

To them, these so-called ‘troubles’ are just another amazing adventure, so they will keep making mischief as long as they don’t understand the consequences. It’s up to us to help them understand that sometimes, it’s better to not be curious.

In this story, we will talk about a dog whose idea of fun always lands him into trouble, but this case took it a bit too far.

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He Was Found Where

Just as she was finished with doing her chores, a woman named Julia Zwar was on her way home and she saw something on her door.

As she approached the entrance of her house, she realized that it was a note. She already had a suspicion that her dog might have gotten into trouble somehow.

She said to The DodoBilly will stop at nothing. He’ll take any opportunity he can get.

The 5-year-old dog had a habit of getting into trouble, but most of the time, his adventures were harmless.

This time, however, Zwar was shocked by what she read on the note. The note said: Hi, we found your dog on your roof and we climbed up and put him back into the house and then closed the window. Cheers from the park people.

When she went inside the house, she saw her dog was there and was wagging his tail like nothing had ever happened. 

She kept thinking how he could have found an access to the roof and ended up there.

Billy Curious Nature

It occurred to her that Billy had always been a special dog when she adopted him. He really wasn’t like the other ones, and he was always looking for something to do.

As he continued to grow up, he showed more interest in things around him. Billy wanted to see everything and do everything.

His curiosity kicked in, and this is the reason why he wanted to go on the roof. So, it’s no surprise that he went and did something like that.

The only thing that still confused her was how he got out. Then, another revelation presented itself.

On the day it happened, something was different from usual. Her housemate had rearranged some furniture, so that the bed would be near the window, which gave him the opening to go out.

Thankfully, he was spotted pretty fast by a couple of people who were on a picnic in a park and they intervened immediately.

Now that it was clear to her what caused this event to happen, Zwar had to scold Billy a little.

She said: He was excited, but then when I said his name in the ‘you’re in trouble’ tone, he dropped his head and I’m sure flashed back to moments earlier, when he was standing on the roof. If puppy eyes came from anywhere, they came from his face that evening.

In order to prevent something like this from happening again, they now always shut the window and the door in her housemate’s room.

Time has gone by since the first incident and Billy hasn’t gotten into any new trouble. Zwar and her dog continue to have their adventures in the park where she can keep an eye on him.

Zwar has said that she will keep everyone updated in case he ever gets into trouble again.

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