Simple Delights: Identical Triplets and the Colorful Tale of Toenail Polish Distinction

The challenge of distinguishing identical twins or triplets is a common one for parents, often leading to the exclamation, “How do you tell them apart?” In the case of one family from Pontypool, South Wales, they’ve devised their own clever method of distinguishing their triplets, using color-coded toenail polish to differentiate between them. Proud parents Karen and Ian Gilbert have found an ingenious way to ensure they can identify each of their little girls. Baby Ffion has fuchsia toenail polish, Madison sports mint green, and Paige wears purple.

For Karen and Ian, the naming process is both practical and meaningful, matching the first letter of each baby’s name to the first letter of the shade of toenail polish they use. This system has made their daily routines, including feeding, bathing, and diaper changes, more manageable and efficient.

The triplets, Ffion, Madison, and Paige, celebrated their first birthday recently after a year filled with fun and challenges. Their parents, along with their four-year-old sister Faye, have been kept quite busy caring for them. They go through over 120 diapers and 84 bottles of formula milk each week, emphasizing the need for a well-organized routine.

Because the triplets are virtually indistinguishable, even their parents sometimes find it difficult to tell them apart, but the color-coded toenail polish system has been a lifesaver. As the girls grow older, their individual looks and personalities are expected to emerge, further helping to distinguish them from one another.

The family’s local supermarket, Morrisons, has even ordered a triple baby seat shopping trolley to accommodate this lively family. While their outings are akin to a “military operation,” the Gilberts wouldn’t have it any other way. With a sense of humor and immense love, they navigate the joys and challenges of raising these adorable triplets, celebrating their unique qualities while embracing the shared adventure of parenthood.

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