Shocking Discovery: Woman Finds Over 3 Dogs in Desperate Need of Rescue

Woman Shocked To Discover More Than 3 Dogs That Needed To Be Rescued

When the founder of Logan’s Legacy, Suzette Hall, got a call about a little dog family of 3 being dumped near a park, she knew she had to go and help.

While driving to the location, Suzzete hoped that she would at least find two of them still together since the caller also stated that one dog ran away as soon as they were abandoned.

Rescue Mission

two dogs under the car
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As soon as she arrived, Suzette started looking for the abandoned puppies within the rows of parked cars.

Looking underneath them, she spotted only one black-and-white puppy curled up underneath a truck.

Seeing that the pup was so afraid, to the point where she was shaking, Suzette started talking to her in a sweet and gentle voice, hoping to calm her down.

“I knelt down and was talking to the single puppy, and then I realized that there was a second one cuddled behind her,” said Suzette.

As she reached out and grabbed the black-and-white dog, the other dog got scared and ran away.

The brown-and-white one was so scared without her sister. She started going under every car and was hiding and shaking in pain. She was that scared without her.

After some time, Suzette managed to catch the brown-and-white dog as well.

Finally, both puppies were safely brought to Suzette’s car. As she was carefully putting them inside, relieved that they were no longer in danger, she made a shocking discovery.

It turned out that the black-and-white one was pregnant with five puppies due any day. She would’ve had those puppies just under a car. It was just a total miracle.

rescued dog
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No Pup Left Behind

When Suzette returned to the shelter with the two dogs, she got another call, informing her that their siblings were out in the same location, looking for them. 

Since Suzette thought there were only three puppies, she was left quite surprised to find out that there were actually four now.

two dogs looking at woman
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The last two puppies showed up to where the first two were, and they were looking under the cars for them. They were looking everywhere for their sisters. They knew that that’s where they’d been left.

The next morning, Suzette was on the scene again. 

As soon as she arrived, she noticed both of the puppies, this time brothers, cuddled up next to each other.

Both sets just cuddled each other. They were cuddling each other for comfort.

two dogs on green grass
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The second rescue went pretty much the same way the first one did: as Suzette grabbed one, the second one ran off. 

As she carefully put one brother inside, the other one hesitantly approached her van.

Being so scared, he did not let Suzette come near him, but he still did not want to be separated from his brother, so Suzette came up with a plan.

He started reaching up, and I felt that he would jump into my van. He would start to do it, and then he would back up and stop. So I threw a big treat into the back, and he finally got the courage to jump in.

As soon as he was in, Suzette quickly shut the door behind him. Considering that he was reunited with his brother, the puppy didn’t seem to mind at all.

After exchanging some cuddles and kisses, Suzette took the siblings to Camino Pet Hospital. 

At The Hospital

After all of the doggo siblings received a full checkup, determining that they were in good health, they were cleared for adoption.

The mama dog, who is now named Delani, went into foster care right away, where she had an adorable litter of 4 pups.

Since the pups are all grown up now, all of them, including their mom, are looking for their forever home.

Photo of five cute puppies
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As for the rest of the siblings, Addison, Sylvester, and Hunter are also looking for a loving family who will take care of them as they take care of each other.

Good luck guys!

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