She Had Never Felt a Gentle Touch or Known the Comfort of a Friend

Furless Dog Transforms Into An Adorable Princess After Being Rescued

They say that a real friend is the one who walks in when everybody else walks out, and Kelly’s case is the perfect example of that!

This amazing girl didn’t have a great start in life. She was roaming the Utah salt flats, desperately trying to find a shelter and some food. She didn’t know what a gentle touch felt like, nor did she ever have a chance to have a friend.

But, one night, a giant-hearted man named Matt spotted her, and he literally stopped in his tracks…

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From Salt Flats To A New Life

furless dog lies on a blanket
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Matt Bentley found Kelly while he was doing some off-roading. That night, she was at her lowest point in life.

She was very weak and famished, and all covered in scabs. Kelly was barely clinging to life and Matt just knew that he had to do something about it.

“You could tell she was just famished,” Matt told The Dodo.

dog holding his toy
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He slowly approached her, and even though he expected her to be timid and shy, Kelly responded amazingly! She welcomed Matt with her paws wide open and jumped right into his car, as if she was waiting to be saved all this time.

Matt took her to the nearby animal hospital, after which, she was transferred to the Utah Animal Adoption Center.

Kelly suffered from terrible mange and had inflamed skin. Her treatment process started right away, but it was more than obvious that this poor girl would need long treatment.

Amazing Transformation

woman with hairless dog
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In no time, Kelly became everyone’s sweetheart! Despite her condition, this lovely girl had just the most wonderful personality ever, and it was not hard for the UAAC staff to immediately fall in love with her!

But, one volunteer who found out about her stood out in the crowd! Jamie Jacques and her daughter found out about Kelly’s story and they wanted to meet her desperately.

They went into the rescue to volunteer, and as soon as they saw Kelly standing there, the decision was made – Jamie wanted to adopt her!

cute dog laying on the couch
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By the time her application was approved, Kelly went through an amazing transformation! Several weeks after she was initially admitted, she started growing her fur back, and she completely came out of her shell!

She just couldn’t wait to finally set paws in a new home. Kelly was so eager to find a family of her own and Jamie’s family was just the one!

As soon as they got home, Kelly fit in right off the bat! Jamie’s family already had a Goldendoodle named Rocky who immediately showered his new sister with love!

“From the minute we opened the front door, she just fit in right away,” said Jamie.

Every Day Is A New Adventure Now

guy kissing the dog
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More than a year after she was saved, Kelly reunited with her rescuer, Matt, one more time! Jamie and her family decided to meet with Matt and thank him properly for saving their beautiful girl, and this giant-hearted man just loved the idea!

When she saw him after all this time, Kelly literally ran into her rescuers’ arms, as if she was trying to say: -Thank you, hooman!

And, Matt was just happy that she finally found what she’d been looking for all this time – a loving family of her own!

two dogs sitting in the car
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Kelly adapted amazingly into her new home. Ever since that very first day, her life has been one great adventure! She and Rocky just don’t know life without each other. They get along perfectly!

The family recently moved from Utah into their Wyoming mountain home, looking for some new adventures and amazing hikes!

Two dogs on a leash
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Unfortunately, Kelly developed the syndrome called SARDS, which caused her total blindness. But, despite her condition, she’s doing so well!

“She does the stairs like a boss and now sometimes even jumps up on the window sill when daddy gets home from work with her tail wagging as soon as she hears him,” her parents wrote.

This beautiful girl has been nothing but a warrior her entire life. She takes on every new challenge like a real fighter, but at the same time, she has never lost her sparkle! With every new day, Kelly teaches her family to embrace life as it is and to enjoy its every moment!

You can keep up with her on the Adventures of Kelly and Rocky Facebook page!

A Dog Owner Did Not Give Up On His Dog Who Was Stuck In A Drain Pipe Underground

A Dog Owner Did Not Give Up On His Dog Who Was Stuck In A Drain Pipe Underground

Every pet parent knows that their pets aren’t just animals. They are their family, their lifelong friends, and their life companions.

This is exactly why one doggo dad did absolutely everything he could in order to save his pup who got in a very bad situation.

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Save Me, Dad!

dog stuck
Source: YouTube

A nerve-wracking video went viral depicting a dog getting himself in a very bad situation.

Specifically, a dog managed to get himself stuck in an underground pipe, forcing his owner to dig through the ground to try and save him.

man trying to pull out dog
Source: YouTube

At first, they managed to dig a hole, locating the dog. His owner then tried to grab him with his hand and pull him out himself.

However, when he noticed that it wasn’t quite working, he tried calling him, hoping he would get out on his own.

dog stuck in drain pupe
Source: YouTube

Unfortunately, that plan did not end up working either.

His dad then proceeded to try and make the hole a little bit wider while holding his dog’s head and keeping him safe.

man saving dog
Source: YouTube

After a bit more digging, the doggo dad managed to make the hole big enough so that the dog could pull out his paws and finally get out of the hole.


As soon as the dog was out of the hole, he found himself in the warm and loving embrace of his father.

happy man hugging dog
Source: YouTube

Even though he was a bit confused as to what was going on, unable to grasp the whole situation he found himself in moments ago, the dog was enjoying the fresh air, along with all of the love and attention.

Even though we don’t quite know how he got into that situation, in the end, it doesn’t even matter.

What matters is that the dog was saved and reunited with his hooman who did everything he could to make sure he was left uninjured.

dog and his happy owner
Source: YouTube

It sure is incredible to see the extent to which pet parents would go to see their animal safe and happy. And, this does not only apply to their own pet, but to any animal in need.

Good job, hoomans!

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