Resilience Amidst Struggles: A Dog’s Journey from Mistreatment to Overcoming Fear 💪🐾 #BraveHeart #RescueDog

This Anxious Dog Finds Ultimate Comfort In His Favorite Blue Blanket

Sometimes, all we need in life is a little push to help us overcome our fears. And, for Myko – that push was a cozy, blue blankie!

Just like most dogs that go out of a shelter for the first time, Myko, too, was stressed out, and he definitely needed a friend!

But, Myko was no ordinary dog, and his anxiety was definitely not a one-time thing! This little boi had been coping with major trauma for a very long time.

He was mistreated for who knows how long, which resulted in him shaking every time he heard a loud noise, fireworks, or even trucks passing by…

This is Myko’s full story!

Finding Solace In His Support Blanket

dog with blue blanket over head
Source: @mykomushroom

Elena and Russell welcomed Myko into their home with arms wide open! Before they adopted him from a Pennsylvania shelter, Myko spent his life in an animal shelter in South Carolina, where he probably picked up his trauma.

He was so scared of people, and he spent his first months hiding from everyone… until, eventually, he rediscovered his confidence with a little blue blanket!

“There’s something about that that’s really comforting for him. It’s his, like, favorite thing in the world,” says Elena.

dog with his blue blanket
Source: @mykomushroom

For some reason, his blankie helped him overcome his fears, and he was all of a sudden a different boi. In a way, his blue blankie helped him struggle with his ongoing anxiety, and even though he has not fully recovered yet, he’s in much better shape!

He literally wears his “blue, magic cape” whenever possible. He eats with it, plays with toys with it, and he even goes for walks with it!

Other than his emotional support blankie, Myko’s all-time favorite thing in the world is visiting his grandparents! He just loves spending time with them, and even though he’s not much of an outdoor doggo, visiting his grandparents makes him feel at peace.

dog watching trough window
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But, unfortunately, there are times when things go completely south! Despite the fact that he’s nothing but loved and nurtured by his amazing parents, Myko just can’t find the cure for loud noises.

Some days are incredibly tough for him, such as the 4th of July. When the fireworks start, Myko just can’t stop shaking.

Boomie Roomie Was The Breakthrough Moment

His pawrents felt like they needed to do something more to make him more comfortable around the holidays – so they came up with the most amazing idea ever!

They decided to use the closet under the steps and rearrange it into Myko’s own little quiet space. They used soundproofing tiles, put in some twinkly lights, a thick camping pad, a brand new doggo bed, and some extra pillows, and just like that – the new room was all set up!

dog standing outside
Source: @mykomushroom

It took Myko about two seconds to fall in love with his new room! He immediately made himself comfortable there, as if the safe, quiet space was all he needed this entire time.

“Myko is definitely able to find peace and solace in the boomie roomie. It’s been such a relief for him,” says Elena.

Making that room for him was definitely a breakthrough moment, as he became so much more confident, and he was eager to go out more often. He even reduced the usage of his support blankie on his walks, although it’s still his all-time favorite thing in the world!

Elena and Russell are so happy to see Myko out of his shell. He’s a playful boi now who’s ready to explore new things, and we’re just so thrilled to see him take on his future adventures!

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