Miraculous Rescue: Diligent Owner Saves Dog Who Slipped off a Cliff with Remarkable Care and Readiness

Dog Who Slipped Off A Cliff Ended Up Being Saved By A Very Cautious And Prepared Owner

Matt and Josi Struck are a couple who love doing all sorts of outside activities.

One of these activities includes hiking, which is usually accompanied by their loving dogs.

However, during their recent hike, things went horribly wrong.

Rescue Mission

When Matt and Josi went for a hike through Portland, Oregon, they thought that it would be just a regular day in nature, filled with good physical activity and laughs.

However, everything changed in a second.

While walking down a very narrow path, Matt noticed that things weren’t as safe as he would like them to be.

a man saves a dog from a cliff
Source: TikTok

He issued a warning sign to his two dogs, telling them to be careful.

“Careful, it’s kind of a sketch over here,” said Matt, just seconds before the disaster.

Just moments afterward, one of the dogs, Dexter, started slipping off the ledge.

dogs with leashes on a cliff
Source: TikTok

Luckily, Matt and Josi made sure that every time their dogs accompanied them on one of their hikes, they wore a pack with a leash and a harness.

The other dog calmly stayed put as Matt immediately started pulling Dexter back up to safety.

Even though he did struggle for the first few seconds, Matt successfully got Dexter back on the ground and on his four fluffy paws.

Funny enough, Dexter seemed not to even have noticed that he was in danger. As soon as he got back on the ground, he started acting as if nothing had happened.

Matt managed to capture the heart-stopping event, posting it on TikTok, where it soon went super viral.

All’s Well That Ends Well

After the scary incident, the couple continued their hike and safely reached their destination in beautiful Portland.

However, they did have their eyes peeled, looking out for any other potential hills their dogs might use as slides.

I’m sure that this was one of those moments that will forever be engraved into their brains, even though they will try their best to forget about it.

However, it is also a moment that reminded them that safety is the number-one priority.

Stay Safe

Hiking sure is a great way to get in the physical activity your dog needs in order to stay healthy and happy.

However, it is important to note that if you decide to take your dog for a hike, you must know the guidelines and safety precautions.

The American Kennel Club states that every dog taken on a hike should have an ID tag and a sturdy leash that is six feet long.

Since the trails are narrow and are filled with sounds and smells that your dog could find interesting, he or she may quickly run off and quickly disappear from your view.

They also may, just like Dexter, slip off a cliff, unable to stop themselves from sliding down to the bottom and leaving them potentially injured.

So, in order to finish your hike with your loving dog by your side, make sure to be prepared and have a good leash on your hands.

Happy hiking!

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