Miracle Motherhood: A 24-Year-Old Woman Welcomes Four Children in Just Three Years, Including Two Sets of Twins!

A youthful woman gave birth to four children in the span of three years, including two sets of twins.


Nadine Robertson currently has five children under the age of five, all of whom she claims were born naturally, and she is frequently questioned by acquaintances about them. A mother of two sets of twins and five children under the age of five describes her family as “crazy, but I love it.”

24-year-old Nadine Robertson claims she is frequently stopped on the street due to her peculiarity, as she gave birth to four children in three years.


Her eldest daughter Isla is four and then she has two sets of twins. Olivia and Ivy were born in 2018 on the same day as their elder sister, and newborns Cody and Hazel arrived just 20 weeks ago.

Nadine’s brood is spread across the family’s four-bedroom home, with each set of twins sharing a room and Isla enjoying one to herself.

Nadine Robertson said: “I just wing it every day, to be honest”.



“I wake up and I hope the rest of them are going to be in a good mood and are going to help me out. It’s crazy but I love it.”


Neither Nadine nor her husband, Phil have any other twins in their

Nadine said when she goes out with both sets of twins, she often gets comments from strangers who stop her in the street.

As soon as they realise that there are two babies in the pram and I have the other two little ones with me, they always comment on it.

Nadine continued: “It doesn’t feel that unusual to me because I’m on a lot of twin mum Facebook groups so I see loads of people with two sets of twins.


“But I suppose for other people it’s not that typical.”


The comments range from questions on their behaviour to whether the kids are the result of IVF.

Nadine said: “I get it all the time, mainly from older people, asking if I had IVF, which I didn’t.

“The first person who asked me, when I had my first set, I was really taken aback.

“It’s so weird because if you had one baby no one would ever dream of asking ‘were they natural or did you have IVF?’

“But I just get it a lot, especially now with two sets, I know people are just curious,” she added.


Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve never asked a stranger on the street about their children – whether they have twins, three children, one child, etc… Therefore, I find it intriguing that so many parents claim they are stopped on the street if they have multiple infants. Clearly, they have neighbors who are exceedingly interested!

They are stunning!!! I pray that you receive a great deal of assistance, despite your lovely family.

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