Miracle in Nepal: 4-Month-Old Baby Rescued Alive After 22 Hours Trapped in Earthquake Rubble.

Kathmandu, Nepal was impacted by a powerful and unexpected earthquake on April 25. The tsts impacted the entire planet and claimed the lives of over 4,000 individuals.


The number of ts was rising steadily. However, the story of 4-month-old Sonit Avalya’s su, who spent approximately 22 hours beneath the detritus of his home due to the tu, moved everyone to their core.

From dawn until twilight, Nepalese ss combed the detritus in search of the few crumbs concealed beneath. However, this approach yielded no results… Papa Shiyam Aval had already given up hope for his son’s salvation.


Suddenly, however, he heard his own child wail, and the father’s emotions overcame him! Sonit Aval was rescued from the wreckage of his home after rescuers found him alive and well.




The neonate was located safe and sound after 22 hours in the rubble.




Unfortunately, not all Nepalese citizens affected by the earthquake shared Sonit Awal’s good fortune. The number of natural disasters was on the rise. Whether they like it or not, sometimes humans are powerless against the forces of nature. Share with your colleagues the following uplifting tale.

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