Humor Unleashed: A Father-Son Duo’s Hilarious Adventures When Mom’s Away, Captured by a Russian Photographer


For men, wives having to work away from home for long periods of time is nothing short of a disaster. All activities in the house will become confused and confused.



Russian father – Marat – is no exception.



Together with his 7-year-old daughter, he thought of a way to “report” the situation of father and daughter at home with photos.



With the help of photographer Yevgeny Shults, they captured daily activities in a unique, humorous, yet authentic way.



In all the photos, Russian text appears, implying that the father and son are fine and the mother can rest assured about her work.



From father and son playing games together, spreading food on the floor…



… to rummaging through the closet every morning, being photographed and sent to my mother.


Marat shared that his wife is a person who loves neatness and tidiness, so when she is away from home, father and son can do anything without worrying about being scolded.




These photos, when posted by Marat on Instagram, received the support and love of many people.



Viewers believe that instead of being upset with the father and son’s mess, this mother will definitely be happy and less homesick when receiving the photos.

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