Heartwarming Tails: 3 Pawmazing Dog Rescue Stories That Tugged at Our Heartstrings

3 Pawmazing Dog Rescue Stories That Made Us Tear Up

Dog rescue stories always make me tear up a bit. Oh, the lengths rescuers go to save poor pups in need. It really breaks my heart to know there will always be rescue missions and dogs in trouble.

Sometimes, when I’m pretty down, I like to Google amazing rescue stories because they restore my faith in humanity. 

I bet you need a little boost of morale, too!

Here’s the top three stories from the past 12 months that made me tear up and hold my blanket tight.

1. Rescuing 8 Puppies From A Burning Building

rescued puppies from burning building
Source: @ColletonFire

Firefighters are real heroes. On a number of occasions, they have proven that rarely does anyone act so brave in difficult situations as they do.

These good people aren’t only putting out fires; they’re saving lives, too.

And, when the lives in question are puppies, the whole world just goes awww and tears up. That’s exactly what happened to the Colleton County Fire Rescue team of Jacksonboro, S.C.

Another Day At Work

It was June 21st, 2022, when the fire department crew of Jacksonboro arrived at the scene. A structure fire was going on.

The crew soon began putting out the fire, making sure it was all extinguished. They thought that was the whole task for the day. But, soon enough, they had an unusual surprise at the scene.

burned building in the yard
Source: @ColletonFire

“As they were working, [firefighters] could hear whining coming from the building,” Chief Barry McRoy tells Daily Paws. “The structure was built elevated off the ground. Once the fire was out, they were able to look under the structure, and that’s when they found the puppies.”

A total of eight puppies were rescued from under the structure. They were all in distress, covered in soot and shaking in fear.

Luckily, Ashley Preacher, the Colleton County Animal Services officer, was on the scene, too. She helped give the puppies a bit of oxygen, wrapped them up in snuggly blankets, and took them home.

firefighter holding puppy rescued from burning building
Source: @ColletonFire

“My heart couldn’t bear the thought of them in a kennel all night, so I brought them home, gave them all a good bath, and kept them warm.”, said Ashley.

The puppies escaped a terrible fate and all of them received their happy ending. None of them was hurt in the fire.

Shortly upon rescuing, two puppies were adopted, and the others met their furever families in the following days.

2. A Deaf Australian Shepherd Saved From A Ravine

rescue crew with german shepherd dog saved from ravine
Source: CNN

Having a deaf or blind dog is extremely challenging. And, when that dog in question wanders off and puts himself in severe danger, you can only imagine what the family would be going through.

We always want to protect our beloved canines, especially when they need an extra dose of help.

But, what if disaster strikes?

Hobo’s family never thought a blind and deaf Aussie Shepherd could wander off that far and get in such trouble.

Well, not until the day they decided to put up a fence on their property.

Down The Rabbit’s Hole

If you thought falling down the rabbit’s hole sounds terrible, wait until you see where Hobo, an 8-year-old Aussie Shepherd, fell. What he survived can easily equal a miracle.

It was a good day for installing a fence, so Hobo’s family decided they should finally check that task off the list. Busy with the work, no one in the family noticed when Hobo went away.

The poor pup took a little walk that ended up… downhill.

Hobo fell in a 100-foot-deep ravine. He was stuck. The only way out was up.

Being blind and deaf, completely alone in an unknown surrounding, and circled with unusual scents, Hobo was shaking with fear. If he could have seen the ravine, he’d be even more scared.

Luckily for Hobo, his agony didn’t take more than a couple of hours. 

Once the family noticed Hobo was missing, they contacted the local Humane Society’s Emergency Rescue Team. The team arrived with everything necessary to retrieve the dog from the ravine.

But, poor Hobo wasn’t just standing there at the bottom of the ravine. He was actually stuck in a bush!

Carefully, doing their best not to harm Hobo, the rescue team cut down the bush branches and finally managed to give Hobo his freedom. 

And, off he went… right up the hill with the rescuers, promising he’d never go on such an adventure on his own.

Watch the rescue here: 

3. Michigan Labradoodle Rescued From An Icy Bath

It’s no secret: Labradoodles love playing in the water. But, there is a time and a place for everything. We can’t just allow our pups to jump into water whenever they feel like it, especially when it’s freezing cold outside.

Well, one Labradoodle surely didn’t ask for its owner’s approval. She took a bath she’ll never forget!

A Walk That Almost Turned Into A Disaster

February 28th, 2022 was a cold day, but Lucy and her hooman had to take their daily walk. It was a part of their bonding time since the Labradoodle was just recently adopted.

Everything was going well until Lucy managed to escape her owner and take a little walk by herself.

If Lucy wasn’t so strong headed, she wouldn’t have had an adventure of a lifetime that almost killed her. Here’s to an experience that will teach us all a lesson!

Lucy somehow managed to jump down in the icy-cold Detroit river. She knew she made a mistake instantly. But, there was no way back. The water was too cold to swim in and there was no one there to help her.

So, Lucy did the only thing she could think of: she climbed on top of a large ice chunk floating on the river and began hoping for the best. She was soaking wet, cold, shivering, and crying for help.

When the Wyandotte fire and police department arrived upon receiving a call from Lucy’s owner begging them to save her pup, Lucy was some 50 feet away from the water. The mission was going to be a tough one.

Fortunately, the firemen had an idea: they nudged Lucy’s ice block close to the bank. 

One of the officers, Derrek Azzopardi, went down the ladder into the river, exposing himself to another potential catastrophe. He had his catchpole with him and somehow managed to put it around Lucy’s neck.

Everything went very fast from there. Lucy was pulled into the water, facing another icy bath. But, it had to be done if she wanted to go home. Lucy took it like a hero and allowed the rescuer to drag her swiftly through the water and up the ladder.

A mission that took half an hour saved more than Lucy’s life. Her hooman was beyond thrilled to see the naughty Labradoodle girl again!

Here’s a segment of Lucy’s rescue mission:

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