Heartwarming Surprise: Deaf and Blind Puppy Turns Out to Be the Sweetest Foster Failure

Deaf And Blind Puppy Turns Out To Be The Sweetest Foster Failure

When Melissa Shapiro got a call about a little deaf and blind puppy abandoned on a sidewalk in Bridgeport, Connecticut, she knew she couldn’t just leave him there.

Since Melissa already had a deaf and blind dog named Piglet, everybody knew she would be perfect for taking care of this little pup.

New Life

portrait of a deaf and blind puppy
Source: @georgieforfun

Melissa’s family already adopted 7 dogs, so taking care of another one wasn’t really possible.

However, after talking it over with her husband, they decided they would foster the little doggo, which ultimately led them to adopting him.

two adopted blind and deaf puppies
Source: @georgieforfun

Even though the dog, now named Georgie, has some difficulties, he does not allow them to take away his fun.

“He’s really interested in being active. As soon as he hits the ground he gets really, really happy,” said Melissa.

Georgie cannot contain his excitement when his paws touch the soft grass, or better yet, the sandy beach of Connecticut.

a dog on a leash is standing on the sand
Source: @georgieforfun

Doggo In Training

Melissa started teaching Georgie tap signals as soon as she met him.

Since she can’t speak to him or show him sign language, Melissa communicates with Georgie by touching him.

However, Georgie has found other ways to make his life easier, too.

cute deaf and blind puppy sitting on a pillow
Source: @georgieforfun

We have a lot of fun talking walks and he has figured out how to walk about two feet to my side. And he is looking, but he is not seeing anything because he is blind. I think he is smelling and he must detect some motion.

With his new sense of orientation, Georgie loves spending his time exploring his surroundings. 

He has remembered where the dog beds are located in the house, so whenever he finds something interesting, he puts it in his mouth and takes it over to the beds to show everybody what he had discovered.

a dog that is blind and deaf is lying down wrapped in a blanket
Source: @georgieforfun

He also relies a lot on his sense of touch, putting his paws up in front of him to see if something is there.  

Maybe another dog was there and has moved, he’ll start barking and trying to play with the dog that isn’t there anymore.

a blind dog plays with another dog whose leg is in a cast
Source: @georgieforfun

Final Word

This is a truly inspiring story of a dog who does not allow his disabilities to define him.

His attitude towards life does not involve any disabilities whatsoever, making Georgie the happiest, most playful pup around. Good boy, Georgie!

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