Heartwarming Surprise: Abandoned Dog’s Unbelievable Reaction When Rescued

A Rescuer Is Surprised By This Abandoned Dog’s Reaction When She Is Saved

It’s heart-wrenching to think of all the canines who are abandoned and left to fend for themselves. The dogs who experience abandonment and betrayal find it difficult to trust people again.

Zoomie is one of those pups that lost trust in humans after she was dumped in the woods.

Let’s follow her journey as she rediscovers love and learns to trust people again. This is her story.

Abandoned In The Woods

Zoomie was only four months old when she was abandoned in the woods in Othello, Washington. She drank water from the nearby stream, and olive trees along the road became her shelter. She stayed there for a week, hoping that somebody would rescue her.

One of the drivers took notice of the puppy as she rested under the trees. He treated her with burritos every time he drove by.

Soon, he informed Adams County Pet Rescue that there was an abandoned puppy by the road in the woods.

After Kayya Grant, Adams County Pet Rescue director, received the call, she headed to the site with one of the rescue employees.

Grant brought a crate with her. As soon as the puppy saw them coming, she started barking. Seeing how frightened she was, she decided to make an effort to win the pup’s trust first before she tried to rescue her.

She didn’t want to scare her even more by trying to trap her into the crate.

Grant started talking to the pup, letting her know that everything would be fine. However, she was still cautious and distrustful of Grant.

Grant went to buy some food, and when she came back, she noticed that this time, the puppy was barely barking.

Winning Her Trust

She left some kibble on the ground, and she noticed the pup took small steps toward her. Grant watched her as she approached the kibble and started eating.

As she was eating, Grant was tenderly stroking her head. The puppy responded by placing her head in Grant’s hands and looking at her with a sweet expression on her face.

At that moment, Grant knew that the puppy was beginning to trust her. Grant left her there that night and came back the next morning.

Once the puppy saw her, she was overjoyed and she couldn’t contain her excitement. She started running around in circles.

“She got all bouncy and zoomie. That’s why we ended up calling her Zoomie.” 

That day, Zoomie let Grant pick her up and place her in the crate. She was ready to go to a safe place.

Zoomie was brought to the rescue where she was given medical care. The rescue staff wanted to help her relax, so they introduced her to a calm dog who became her friend.

Zoomie Gets Her Happy Ending

Soon, Zoomie was ready to search for her forever home.

She didn’t wait long. Her parents fell in love with her the moment they saw her. They filled out an adoption application and Zoomie left the rescue in the arms of her parents.

Zoomie is thrilled with her new life. She likes spending time with her friends in doggy day care. When she gets tired, she relishes the naps she takes with her fur sister.

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