Heartwarming Reunion: Sweet Dog Finally Finds Her Family After Missing for 5 Years.

Sweet Dog Was Finally Reunited With Her Family After She Went Missing For 5 Years

Losing a dog is a traumatic experience that takes time to recover from. When George Loving lost his loving pet, Dottie, he was unconsolable. The circumstances under which his canine disappeared were vague, and he never thought he’d see her again.

After months of searching for her, he and his family simply gave up. They made peace with the fact that she might not ever come home again, as they didn’t even know whether or not she was alive anymore.

But, then the most amazing thing happened…

Dottie Was Found Roaming The Streets

dottie in a cage
Source: Puppy Toob

Tanya Ohanian, from Evanston Animal Shelter, received a call about a canine found in Cook County, Illinois. At the time, she thought that the dog was a stray, not knowing her history.

When Dottie first entered the facility, Tanya couldn’t even imagine that Dottie was actually attempting to find her way back home after five years.

dottie on a leash
Source: Tanya Ohanian

They immediately took her in and provided her with all the care she needed. They tried to scan her for a microchip, but it was a dead end. That’s when the local organization called Microchip Hunters stepped in…

WIth the extra help from MH, Tanya and her team were able to track down Dottie’s family and came to the realization that she was not a stray.

After she realized that Dottie has a family she belongs to, she immediately contacted them to give them the good news!

The Heart-Wrenching Reunion

reunion of dottie with her owner
Source: Tanya Ohanian

George couldn’t believe the news he heard over the phone. After five years of being separated from his loving dog, he was finally able to reunite with her!

He rushed to the EAS in Evanston, Illinois to see his long-lost girl, which was very emotional for the entire crew!

“It was emotional for all of us. I think we were all in tears.”

George wasn’t sure if Dottie still remembered him and his family, but the second they met – she relaxed to the touch of their loving hoomans! It was obvious that she knew who they were.

The reunion was heart-wrenching, leaving everyone in tears. But, then again, everyone was happy to finally get Dottie back where she belongs.

Her Past Is Still Vague

photo of dottie
Source: Tanya Ohanian

It’s still vague as to where Dottie was all this time. The staff from the EAS couldn’t determine whether she had an owner during these five years or if she was simply roaming the streets in the status of a stray dog.

But, then again, that didn’t matter anymore, as she was finally in the arms of her loving family. We just hope that she never, ever has to part ways with her loved ones again!

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