Heartwarming Reconnect: Mama Dog and Puppies Embrace a Joyful Year-Long Reunion

Mama Dog And Her Eight Puppies Reconnect One Year After A Dramatic Rescue

When Daisy and her eight beautiful puppies (infamous office supply litter) arrived at Muddy Paws Rescue, in New York, they all had quite a dramatic entrance.

Half of the puppies suffered from parvo, while the other half fought off some gastrointestinal issues.

Thankfully, after some intensive care, all of the puppies pulled through.

One Dramatic Adventure After Another

While her puppies were fighting for their lives, Daisy (their mother) was also having a hard time adjusting to her new environment.

She was afraid of everything and everyone, and it didn’t help that her babies had to be taken away from her. 

But, after a couple of months, all her puppies were healthy and ready for adoption. Both Daisy and her babies found really good homes; however, that was not the end of their dramatic adventures.

Daisy was adopted by a family who lived in South Amboy, New Jersey, where she was supposed to live a happy life.

But, not according to Daisy. 

“To everyone’s surprise, on Daisy’s second day home, she managed to jump over the 5-foot fence surrounding her new backyard and bolt,” Mallory Kerley, marketing director at Muddy Paws Rescue, told The Dodo.

Supposedly, there were many sightings of her around the neighborhood, but Daisy skillfully managed to escape every time.

The Muddy Paws Rescue staff, their volunteers, and essentially the whole neighborhood joined to search for Daisy.

After 4 days of being lost, Daisy was finally found and brought back home safe and sound. 

She was spotted in the woods where a pair of rescuers were finally able to capture her. One staff member even wore the same sweatshirt days in a row, so Daisy could recognize him.

“We were so touched by how the neighborhood cared – people drove with flashes on to slow down traffic and keep an eye out for her, folks sat in specific locations for hours in the cold, others lent out towels, crates, cameras, or bought supplies like food, hand warmers and coffees for us. First responders and schools were on the case and several of them called in sightings. Neighbors let us access their yards – it was an incredible effort. She will certainly be a town celebrity,” Muddy Paws Rescue NYC wrote in their Facebook post.

Daisy’s adopters were over the moon that their beautiful little girl was safe and back with them.

Quite amazingly, while the family went separate ways, their adopters kept in touch.

Marvelous Reunion

About a year or so had passed and everyone was firmly settled in their forever families. The puppies were all grown up, almost as big as their mama, and the adopters thought it was the perfect time for a special reunion.

This was their first reunion in such a long time, so it was obviously a special experience for them all.

Some of the babies looked just like their mom, Daisy, while others probably took after their father, but the resemblance was still there.

“Their reunion was so happy. We love seeing litters stay in touch, and this family in particular is all still close. The adopters keep in touch and share updates on their pups with each other, and we love seeing them come together as a family!” Kerley told The Dodo.

Although both Daisy and her puppies had a very dramatic start to their life, they are finally living the happy and healthy life they deserve.

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