Heartwarming Loyalty: Stray Dog Stands Guard Until Pregnant German Shepherd is Safe

Stray Dog Refuses To Leave His Pregnant German Shepherd Friend Until She’s Safe

The loyalty that dogs put on display as their most valuable trait somehow never ceases to surprise us! Recently, the photo of a small, fluffy dog called Murphy, sitting next to his injured buddy, German Shepherd, Marley, warmed thousands of hearts all over the world!

Turns out, Marley had broken bones in her legs and was severely injured, but her stray buddy refused to leave her side. He stuck with her all the way, showing pure love and loyalty that only a dog can show!

Marley Was In Really Bad Condition When She Was Found

the dog is sitting next to his friend who is born
source: Family Pet

Nobody exactly knows how Marley ended up being seriously injured, but it is assumed that she was hit by a car. When she was found on the side of the road in Muscoy, California, she could barely lift her head up.

It was as if it was meant for Faith Easdale, the volunteer from Dream Fletchers: Project Rescue, in Huntington Beach, CA, to pick this bonded pair of canines and provide them with so much needed care.

the sick dog lies with his legs wrapped
source: Family Pet 

When she finally got them to a hospital, X-rays revealed many broken bones in Marley, which is why she needed casts on two of her legs. But, that wasn’t all! The X-rays also showed a really special surprise – she was pregnant with 11 puppies!

Loyalty At Its Finest

a cute dog is lying next to a pet friend in the car
source: RON Project

All that time, Murphy was there for his friend. When they were driving to the hospital, he laid his head on Marley’s belly, in a way trying to protect her. And, when they finally arrived at the hospital – he continued to wait by her side.

Murphy Got A Brand New Home

the dog sits and cares for his friend
source: Bestie

After some time, Murphy realized that Marley was in good hands, and that she didn’t need his help as much. He slowly started drifting apart, playing around with other canines, and having his regular doggo activities.

Easdale knew she had to find Murphy a new home, as he was craving attention and someone he could have a normal life with. Unfortunately, Marley had a long way to go with her recovery, and she still couldn’t perform any sort of activity.

A few days later, he finally went to a new family, and he couldn’t be happier! A loyal boy has now been found to take care of him for a change, but we’re sure that Murphy will find a way to prove his brilliance and the power of love to his new owners, too!

Marley Gave Birth To Eleven Beautiful Puppies

German Shepherd is nursing its cubs
source: RON Project

Even though she was still in therapy and recovering from the injuries, Marley gave birth to eleven healthy puppies. Despite all the hardship she has been through, she was ready for this new challenge of her life, and she was more than happy to mom her babies!

It was wonderful seeing Marley handling her new role quite well, and she did it with such joy! She was an attentive, loving mom to her beautiful puppies, and couldn’t be happier about it!

Marley’s Incredible Transformation

two dogs are sitting on the sand
source: Family Pet

After two long years in recovery, Marley has finally healed! With the help of her foster mom and countless vet sessions, she completely recovered from her injury. She is finally able to play like she has never had a broken bone!

She recently got a new home where she could exercise her full potential and finally learn what true love looks like! After all this time, Marley was in her furever home, surrounded by people who will never, ever leave her unprotected!

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