Heartwarming Gesture: Shelter Dog Adorably Holds Hands with Passersby Through Kennel Bars.

Shelter Dog Loves To Hold Hands With People Passing By His Kennel Bars

Don’t tell me dogs have no mind of their own.

Don’t tell me dogs can’t think rationally.

Don’t tell me dogs are not as sensitive as humans because they sure are.

They have more emotions than most people.

They have empathy. They require love and attention.

And, they would do anything for a caring human being to bring them home from the shelter.

Some dogs are so open to sharing their emotions that they’d gladly step outside their shell and directly ask humans for contact. Others are shy, but they still want the same thing.

The dog you’re about to meet is a wonderful example of the first type – the open-minded one.

This pooch was desperate for some love. If he hadn’t reached out, who knows what would’ve happened to him.

Hey, Man, Gimme A High Paw

dog in a shelter

The Tri-Cities Animal Shelter had a lot of dogs in their kennels, all saved from life on the streets, but none of them was like Mac.

The sweet black Lab mix was found on the streets of Pasco, Washington, and was brought to the shelter to give her the chance for a forever home.

From the moment she stepped foot in this Pasco shelter, Mac became an instant favorite. All of the shelter workers fell in love with her sweet temper. But, that’s not the only reason why Mac was special.

This smart girl figured out that she’d get more love and cuddles if she asked for them.

So, how can a dog ask for cuddles? By speaking? Barking?

Not exactly.

Mac figured out that if she put out her paw through her kennel bars to touch people, they would touch her back and give her all the cuddles she wanted. She clearly saw other hoomans greeting each other, so she thought of doing the same thing.

black dog in a shelter

When Mac’s special way of greeting became a habit, the staff knew they were dealing with a one-of-a-kind dog. Other people had to see this smart pooch.

Naturally, Mac went viral after a video that one of the shelter workers posted online.

The good people at the Tri-Cities shelter expected that Mac would become a bit popular, but they didn’t believe that people would go nuts about her. They received so many inquiries about adopting Mac.

The video was a full success and this lucky girl was one step closer to her furever home.

When a woman from Montana saw Mac’s video, she wished she could do more than just shake her paw.

She wished to adopt Mac.

Indeed, she did that!

The woman drove all the way from Montana to pick up Mac. They bonded immediately and Mac was off to her new family.

Today, Mac lives a fairytale life with her canine buddies as well as horses, surrounded by green pastures and unspoiled nature. She sees behind the cold kennel bars. She sees the future, and the future couldn’t have greener grass for this lucky gal.

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