Heartwarming Decision: Guy Decides To Foster a Sweet Surrendered Dog After Reading His Owners’ Surprising Note

Guy Decides To Foster A Sweet Surrendered Dog After Reading His Owners’ Surprising Note

Lee Asher is a dog rescuer and the founder of The Asher House, an animal sanctuary located in Oregon.

When he was called to meet Brutus, one of the shelter’s residents who was labeled as aggressive, Asher couldn’t have imagined that he was in for a big surprise.

Brutus’ owners gave him up and left him at the shelter with a note, saying that “his behavior was uncontrollable and that they didn’t feel safe in the house with him.

Asher arrived at the shelter with the intention to foster him and help him find a loving home.

The First Encounter With Brutus

a man kisses a dog
Source: The Asher House

Shortly after talking to the shelter staff, he was introduced to Brutus, a wonderful Mastiff. As soon as the dog walked into the room, he approached Asher and started licking his face. Asher was stunned.

Brutus’ family said that the dog didn’t like men, and yet, he was excited to meet Asher, covering him with adorable smooches. The delightful doggo bellied up, asking Asher to give him a belly rub. He needed someone to love on him.

Asher was all smiles. He was happy to rub Brutus’ belly and play with him on the floor. Their connection was instant. The pup couldn’t stop hugging Asher.

Brutus Meets Other Members Of The Pack

a dog sniffs a puppy in a man's arms
Source: The Asher House

Asher wanted to introduce Brutus to the small pups who were members of his pack. He brought Bo, PomPoms, Penny, and Kai. Asher knew that they would bark at him and he wanted to see how Brutus would react to that.

Kai, a rescue Chihuahua, barked at Brutus, but the wonderful Mastiff didn’t show any negative reaction. On the contrary, he sniffed Kai while wagging his tail.

Having seen how calm Brutus was, Asher knew that Brutus would get along with his pack.

Asher took Brutus and the other dogs to his car. Brutus was overjoyed when he realized that he was going home with them. He expressed his gratitude by licking his rescuer’s face, kissing him again.

Asher hugged the doggo while he jokingly repeated to himself that he was not going to keep Brutus.

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Source: The Dodo

The whole pack welcomed the delightful Mastiff to the Asher House Sanctuary.

In the evening, the pup snuggled with his foster dad, and the next morning, he woke him up with kisses.

Brutus went hiking together with the pack, and Asher was happy to see that the dog fit in with the pack perfectly.

A Perfect Forever Home

the dog licks the owner's face
Source: @theasherhouse

Ever since Asher first saw Brutus, he stole his heart, and he knew that Brutus would be a foster fail.

On his Instagram, Asher announced that he found Brutus his forever home.

“I just want to let you know that we found Hooch his forever home. We found him a home! And it’s right here! He’s gonna stay with the Asher House. He’s my baby now… He’s gonna be an Asher House baby forever.”

Brutus changed his name to Hooch. He is in love with his life and his forever home in Oregon. He’s still a real love bug, and there’s nothing that he loves more than showering his dad with kisses whenever he has the chance.

Hooch proved himself to be a sweet and compassionate pup and he is the first one to welcome new rescue dogs to the pack. He makes them feel safe.

I couldn’t be happier for Hooch. He has the perfect home and a wonderful forever dad who adores him. This is the happy ending that Hooch deserved!

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