Heartwarming Bond: Stray Dog Picks Her Own Momma, Now Enjoying Thrilling Sidecar Adventures Together!

Stray Dog Chooses Her Own Momma, Now They Have A Blast Riding A Sidecar

Once you decide to give a forever home to a stray dog, there’s one and only one thing guaranteed – you’ll have a friend for a lifetime!

The feeling you get after their first meal or their first night’s sleep in a new home is just priceless, and it can’t be compared to anything.

Even though they are typically shy and timid at first, you would be surprised by how much courage some of these four-legged furballs actually have. Take Georgia, for example!

Instead of waiting for someone to adopt her, this beautiful girl sneaked her way into her new mom’s life – and stayed there for good.

This is how her story unfolds!

Laurette And Georgia Are Meant To Be

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Georgia’s affection for Laurette is beyond words. The two have had a special bond since day one, when Georgia sneaked into Laurette’s yard in California.

She was a stray dog staying with Laurette’s neighbor for the time being, but something deep inside of her just kept pulling her to her new momma.

“I was walking in my yard and I saw a little dog push her way. We had this very tangible connection. It was like she was choosing me to be her family,” says Laurette.

Laurette asked her neighbor if she could keep Georgia, and he accepted it in a heartbeat!

The dynamic duo has been inseparable ever since, and now they have the ultimate hobby!

dog wearing a bandana and protective glasses
Source: @ruffriderstv

Georgia and Laurette have a blast riding a motorcycle sidecar together! This wish was on Laurette’s bucket list for a very long time, and now she has the perfect companion for doing it!

And, the most amazing thing is – Georgia absolutely, one-hundred percent, loves these rides! She even has her own specially made protection harness and just the coolest doggles ever!

“I knew the experience was meant for me and my dog and Georgia is the perfect companion – sweet, mellow, and smart. Riding together is so joyful and fun,” Laurette wrote on her Instagram.

Every time she even hears Laurette wearing her riding boots – she immediately jumps on her feet and waits for her momma to open the door to a new adventure.

The two have tons of fun on a daily basis, and they’re not planning to stop any time soon!

Taking On Grand Adventures Every Day

woman and dog riding in sidecar
Source: @laurettenicoll

The most amazing thing of all is that Georgia transformed Laurette’s life for the better. When she first started sneaking through her fence, Laurette was recovering from six rounds of chemo and 25 rounds of radiation.

With Georgia in her life, Laurette successfully beat cancer. This amazing girl helped her momma take on the world all over again – and now, she’s more adventurous than ever!

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Source: @ruffriderstv

“I’m so grateful Georgia decided to sneak through that fence, because now every day is our own giant adventure,” says Laurette.

We really hope that this dynamic duo from California will keep on rocking for many more years! If there’s one thing that we can say with certainty, it’s that Georgia’s life is finally steered in a good direction!

You can follow Laurette and Georgia on their official Instagram and keep up with their fabulous life journey!

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