Heartfelt Goodbye: A Mother’s Reflections on the Empty Crib, a Heartbreaking Journey

Emma Woodhouse, a 27-year-old mother from Lancaster, faced a harrowing experience when she gave birth to her twin girls, Jessica and Bella, at just 29 weeks into her pregnancy. The delivery took place via an emergency cesarean section due to the umbilical cord rupture that Jessica experienced in the womb. Despite the traumatic circumstances, Bella managed to survive the ordeal, but tragically, Jessica was stillborn despite the medical team’s valiant efforts to revive her for 22 minutes.

Emma’s pregnancy had been considered high-risk due to her rare heart-shaped womb, putting her twins at risk of being born prematurely. At 29 weeks, Emma went into labor and was rushed to Royal Lancaster Infirmary for the emergency cesarean section. While Bella was safely delivered, Jessica’s life could not be saved, leaving Emma devastated by the news delivered by her husband Paul.

Moved to another hospital room after the heartbreaking loss, Emma and Paul were able to spend time with Jessica inside a cooling cot for two weeks. This allowed them to introduce their other children, Jack, Mikey, and Nicole, to their baby sister. Emma’s love for Jessica was unwavering, and she embraced every opportunity to make memories with her before her cremation.

Emma believes that Jessica’s passing was a sacrifice to ensure Bella’s survival. She plans to honor Jessica’s memory by buying Christmas presents and a stocking for her this year. Despite the pain, Emma’s experience highlights the complexity of emotions that come with both joy and loss during childbirth, encouraging open discussions about such taboo subjects.

During the second week, Emma and Paul were granted the chance to place Jessica in a Moses basket in the hospital mortuary to preserve her skin. Emma’s connection with Jessica was immediate and profound, and spending time with her and Bella was a bittersweet experience that they wanted to share. Emma hopes that sharing her story will help others understand that it’s possible to create cherished memories with babies who have passed away.

Even the other children were able to meet Jessica, with Emma recalling how Jack, although young, reacted with sadness and tenderness towards his baby sister. The nursing staff played a crucial role in ensuring the family had the time and space they needed to say goodbye and create lasting memories with Jessica. As they brought Jack in to meet Jessica, the beauty of the moment was heartwarming and deeply moving.

Emma’s story is a testament to the power of love and the strength it takes to navigate the complexities of grief while finding ways to honor and cherish the memories of a lost child.

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