Heart-wrenching Rescue: Owner’s Tears Flow as Dog Rescued from Foxhole After 50 Hours 馃惥

A Frantic Owner Cries After Finding His Dog Trapped In A Foxhole For 50 Hours

It鈥檚 hard to completely understand the amount of fear and anxiety an owner feels after having a pet go missing unless you have owned one of your own.

Wondering where they are, are they doing fine or are they still even alive 鈥 all those are the questions the owner faces with deepest stress and sadness.

That鈥檚 exactly what happened to Alan Whitton, a 53-year-old life coach whose dog 鈥 Jack Russell Mitzi, went missing after one of their regular walks. It was the first time ever for Mitzi to go missing, leaving Alan in total distress and panic.

Mitzi 鈥 The Loyal Business Partner

photo of man and a dog
Source:聽Alan Whitton

Alan adopted Mitzi as a puppy in 2018聽after losing his long-time buddy, Tinker. He had a hard time recovering from such a big loss, but with Mitzi around, everything was so much easier!

Mitzi has always been a lovely and loyal girl ever since, following him wherever he went.聽She鈥檚 a lovey-dovey doggo who enjoys cuddling with her owner very much! And, even at times of utmost quirkiness and mischievousness, she never loses her charm.

One day, the bonded pair decided to go for a regular walk, when聽she was chased by a Basset Hound聽聽and she didn鈥檛 return.

She Was Lost For Two Days Straight

flyer for a missing dog
Source:聽Daily Mail

Alan spent the rest of the day desperately looking for his dog, but there was no success. Even after scouting the whole area,聽there was still no sign of Mitzi聽who mysteriously went missing.

Eventually, Alan returned home as it was already getting dark. He spent a sleepless night at home, worrying about his tiny partner who has never slept outside before. With her inability to defend herself from a potential predator in the woods 鈥 he couldn鈥檛 help but think the worst.

The search continued for the next two days, but there was still no luck finding his loving girl. He even聽plastered the area with missing posters, hoping to hear some information from the local community.

Just when it all seemed like a lost cause,聽he received a call around 11 A.M.聽from one of the locals whose dog had been sniffing around a foxhole near his house. Alan dropped everything and immediately went to the spot to investigate!

Emotional Reunion

man lying on the ground
Source:聽The Telegraph

When he got the spot, he pulled out some of Mitzi鈥檚 toys and squeaked them near the entrance to the foxhole. Just a moment later 鈥撀he heard Mitzi鈥檚 faint whimper, but he couldn鈥檛 see her.

With the help of the people who lived nearby, he began digging into the foxhole, and about two hours later 鈥 he聽finally reunited with Mitzi!

man lying on the ground holding the dog
Source:聽The Telegraph

He reached into the hole as her tiny head emerged from the inside, looking at her loving dad. He grabbed her with his arms and聽pulled her up to his chest, breaking down in tears.

photo of man sitting on the ground and holding his dog
Source:聽The Telegraph

The crowd who helped this man rescue his dog cheered in joy, happy to see that the owner and his dog finally reunited after all the hardship they had been through.

frantic owner crying while holding his dog in a crowd
Source:聽The Telegraph

After almost losing hope, Alan finally held Mitzi in his arms! He cried a lot, thinking about everything that could鈥檝e happened if he hadn鈥檛 found her in time. But, she was there at last, all safe and happy in his arms 鈥 and that was all that mattered!

Still Going Strong

dog mitzi wearing a red shirt

The good news was that this white-and-brown girl was fine after the incident.聽She didn鈥檛 have any injuries聽聽only a few ticks that were removed after she was rescued.

photo of alan and dog mitzi
Source:聽Alan Whitton

Mitzi and her dad are still going strong, enjoying their life next to each other! He even made an聽Instagram account, called MiracleMitzi, in her honor, sharing Mitzi鈥檚 daily adventures with his followers.

Mitzi鈥檚 鈥渁ccident鈥 only made their bond stronger, and they love each other even more after she was miraculously saved that day from the foxhole.

Watch the entire video of Mitzi鈥檚 rescue below!

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