From Unadoptable to Unforgettable: A Dog’s Journey to Finding a Forever Home

‘Unadoptable’ Dog Can’t Hide His Happiness After Finding A Forever Home

While stray dogs live on the streets and do their best to survive, they long to be noticed and to be given a roof over their head.

Once they get rescued and taken to a shelter, their hearts are filled with hope that somebody would stop by their kennel and decide to take them home.

Nicholas, a sweet shelter pup, hoped to get adopted, too, as he stood by his kennel door every time he heard visitors entering the shelter.

Just when Nicholas began losing hope of ever getting a forever home, the most amazing thing happened.

Nicholas Craved For A Home

When Nicholas was rescued by Orange County Animal Services, a rescue based in Orlando, Florida, he was a fearful and timid pup.

Having realized that he was safe and cared for, he got relaxed and fell in love with all the shelter staff and volunteers.

Every time potential adopters came to the shelter, Nicholas hoped that one of them would look at him and give him an opportunity to capture their heart.

He was excited to see the visitors, and he wagged his tail, trying to let them know that he wanted to meet them. Sadly, days passed and nobody noticed him.

Nicholas saw many fellow residents leave the shelter in the arms of their forever parents.

After being disappointed time after time, he gradually started losing hope that he would ever leave the shelter.

All He Needed Was A Chance

Seeing that the sweet pup was constantly overlooked, the shelter staff was heartbroken. People preferred adopting smaller dogs. They were more desirable.

Nicholas loved being outside. Although the shelter volunteer took him for a walk every day, it wasn’t enough. After a walk, Nicholas didn’t want to go back to his kennel. He needed more time to play.

His shelter friends were convinced that Nicholas would get adopted if potential adopters gave him the opportunity to meet them and spend some time with them.

“We knew what kind of dog he was, we knew he was amazing. He’s one of those dogs that just likes people. He likes attention. He wants to snuggle. He wants to be on your lap,” said Bryant from Orange County Animal Services.

Grateful For All The Love

Nicholas was the longest shelter resident, and yet he never became bitter. He was happy whenever he had the opportunity to interact with his human friends. The delightful pup loved them very much, and he appreciated their friendship.

His shelter friends loved him, too, and they rooted for him to get the home that he longed for. Although they posted his story on social media, and even put his story on the local news, Nicholas’ situation remained the same.

Nobody came to meet him and give him a chance.

The shelter members had the idea of organizing his big adoption day. They called it Pick-Nick Saturday. They wholeheartedly hoped that one of the visitors would come and pick Nick.

A week before they hosted the event, a woman came and she fell in love with Nick.

“She just genuinely came in and fell in love with the dog organically. She met him and she liked him and she couldn’t stop thinking about him,” said Bryant. 

Nicholas was overjoyed to have finally found a home.

Unfortunately, his mom was unable to spend more time with him and help him adjust to the new environment, even though she loved him. When Nicholas was left alone in the apartment, he got scared and he barked more than usual.

Nicholas’ mom had to return the sweet dog to the shelter in Orlando, Florida, because her neighbors issued a complaint due to his barking.

The Happy Ending He Was Waiting For

Nicholas’s human friends were sad when they saw him enter the kennel once again, but the adorable pup didn’t realize that he had been given up. He was overjoyed to see his old human friends.

His shelter friends didn’t give up, and they kept posting about Nicholas on their social media platforms.

On April 29th, in 2023, Orange County Animal Services shared the happy news that Nicholas found his forever home.

His friends were emotional when they had to say goodbye to Nicholas, but they were very happy that their adorable boy would ride into the sunset with his forever family.

Nicholas’ dad came to take him home, and the charming dog wiggled his tail, and with a wide grin on his face, he hopped into the car. His family promised him that they would love him forever, and that they would never give him up.

I’m over the moon that Nicholas finally found the happiness and love he had searched for for so long. This sweet dog deserved to get his happy ending.

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