From Rescue to Radiance: Heartwarming Transformation as a Grateful Pup Grins in Her Forever Home!

Rescue Dog Can’t Hide Her Beautiful Smile After Finding A New Home

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.”

Even though she hadn’t such a smooth and easy journey, Smile, the rescue pup, inspired many with her unbreakable spirit!

Born and raised in a hoarding house with 23 other dogs, this tiny girl spent years without getting to know what true love looks like. But, all that was about to change – all thanks to her ear-to-ear, beautiful smile!

Smile Had A Difficult Life Before She Was Rescued

Dog with very cute smile

Smile was living in a hoarding home overfilled with other dogs. The situation got away from her owner, as the canines she owned started to procreate illness, and that’s when the At-Choo Foundation, from Toluca Lake, California, stepped in!

They rescued each and every one of them, but unfortunately, many doggos already had sarcoptic mange and some of them were pregnant. Luckily, Smile’s condition was somewhat better as her mange hadn’t spread entirely.

However, the poor pup was still in so much pain, and on top of all that – she was pregnant.

Owner petting the dog

No Dog Left Behind, from Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, heard her story and immediately fell in love. They decided to make Smile join their rescue, despite all the distance standing in between.

“She gives her smiles freely, but we hope to show Smile that humans are good enough to be actually deserving of her love,” the NDLB team wrote on their Facebook.

Making Quarantine Days Easier With Her Smile

Happy dog

Once she got to Minnesota, Smile was extremely tiny, and she didn’t seem pregnant at all. It turned out that this poor girl was dealing with major neglect and distress, and even though she only had two weeks before giving birth, she lost her entire litter.

But, even then – Smile was displaying an endless amount of resilience and strength. She has been such a brave girl along the way, and didn’t mind being quarantined due to her condition.

Her smile helped her through, and according to Stephanie Easley, NDLB’s manager, she has taught everyone to smile along with her!

NDLB: “Through stressful moments, Smile has been a restoring balm for many of us. She has a warm and comforting presence and she never hesitates to show her love. We are so honored to return that energy right back to Smile and show her how good life can truly be.”

Getting Tons Of Love From Her Foster Momma

owner and dog sleeping together

Easley couldn’t help but foster this tiny girl herself. She brought her home on a temporary basis and did everything in her power to make Smile feel at home.

happy dog and dog's owner

They did everything together with a huge smile on their face! They woke up with a smile, played with a smile, and even went to bed with a smile.

Despite receiving her medication and regular medicated baths – she was incredibly trusting and calm. It was as if she understood all along that she never, ever has to face hardship again!

The News Everybody Has Been Waiting For

dog laying on sofa

Needless to say, the applications were pouring in, but Smile had to wait until the end of her treatment to go to a furever home. And, soon enough  the pawfect family showed up to take her where she always belonged!

“Smile joined a wonderful family and we are confident that she will live her best life with them,” the NDLB team wrote.

dog and owner playing on carpet
Source: @smilelikesmiles

Today, she’s a happy girl that enjoys her life very much, and she has never been happier!

You can watch Smile’s story in the video below, and if you want to keep up with Smile’s further adventures – you can follow her TikTok!

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