From Loss to Love: Abandoned Dog Mommy, Who Lost Her Pups, Welcomes a New and Unusual Litter

Abandoned Dog Mommy Who Lost Her Pups Got A New Unusual Litter  

Getting separated from your babies can be extremely hard no matter if you are walking on two legs or four.

Your spirit can easily be broken if, on top of that, you are being given up time and time again. But, when it comes to Kona, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

I take great honor in introducing you to a dog who overcame all her troubles and dedicated her paws to somebody a lot different than her: baby kittens!

Rough Start

puppie with kittens
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Kona, along with her three puppies, was a stray who roamed the streets of Tennessee. Luckily, she was rescued and brought to New York City in order for her and her pups to find a forever home.

All four of them were immediately adopted. However, not too long after, Kona was brought back into foster care and readopted. She was brought back yet again, and when her foster shelter started losing hope, everything changed.

When she and Asa locked eyes, it was love at first sight. Learning about her tough past, Asa knew that this pup deserved so much more, and she decided to adopt her.

puppie and kitten laying down
Source: @shibuyarollcall

Asa was a very active foster mom. She would come home with a crate full of little kittens who either needed something like a vaccine booster or simply a temporary home before they found a new one.

And, I know that you are probably thinking that cats and dogs don’t get along so let me debunk this myth for you.

Whenever she would see her mom walk through the door with little meows coming from a box, Kona would get super excited.

Every time I bring a crate home she will start freaking out, tail wagging, shrieking, see what’s going on in there,” said Asa.

An Unusual Babysitter

dog and kitten sleeping
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The fact that Kona was separated from her babies probably played a role in her attitude toward the kittens. She acted as if she was their mother.

Kona would spend time grooming and playing with them, making them feel loved and appreciated.

She would also stand guard when they were eating, making sure they were cleaning out their bowls because she knew how important food is in making them grow big and strong.

She is also super patient with them, understanding that they are small and are trying to get to know how things work in the big world.

If they do kind of go overboard and start to hurt her with their claws then she will kind of warn them. But she is never aggressive.

dog and cats playing on couch
Source: @shibuyarollcall

There are instances where Asa simply doesn’t have any kittens to foster, so the house isn’t filled with little kittens running around all the time.

At times like this, Kona seems as if she is depressed. She has low energy and wants to stay in bed. That is pretty unusual for this pupper.

But, as soon as her mom brings over some fluffy and energetic kittens, she is back on her paws and back on her babysitting duties!

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