From Fear to Friendship: Scared Dog’s Transformation After Meeting His New Friends

Scared Dog Refused To Interact With Anyone Until He Met His New Friends

When a dog is in an unsafe environment, being neglected and abused, it can really take a toll on his or her entire life.

They can become so scared that they have trust in nobody, confining in on themselves and shutting out the world.

It is a very difficult task bringing this kind of dog out of his shell, but luckily, the hero of today’s story knew what he was doing.

A Rough Past

scared dog in bad condition
Source: The Asher House

When a woman came across a scared and lost pup, she immediately knew who to call for help.

Lee Asher, owner of a nonprofit Animal Sanctuary called The Asher House, from Estacada, Oregon, has dedicated his life to helping animals in need, so when he got the call, he immediately got in his car and was on his way.

When he first met the dog, he learned that she was having trouble eating hard food and drinking water.

She also had a lot of scars on her nose and on the top of her head, indicating abuse in her past.

They were pretty positive she was a puppy mill dog that got abandoned based not only on her condition, but also on the fact that she recently had a lot of babies.

The woman assured Asher that she did her best to let everybody know that a missing dog was found. She put her on every social media platform, on every page, thinking somebody would recognize her.

But, when nobody claimed her, she contacted Asher.

Asher knew that he had to help this poor dog, so he decided to take her in and bring her to his sanctuary.

A New Beginning

dog named lucy lying on a gray cover
Source: The Asher House

As he was carefully putting her in his car, she seemed super confused as to what was going on. She was even terrified of getting out of the car when they arrived.

Luckily, Asher knew what he was doing, so he started comforting her. After she loosened up a bit, he picked her up and carried her inside.

Naming her Lucy, Asher made sure she was as comfortable as she could be.

“She’s so scared. She can’t even look at my eyes,” said Asher.

He brought Lucy a big bowl of food, thinking she must be hungry, but she was too scared to even eat.

golden retriever lucy lying next to a bowl of food
Source: The Asher House

Asher then brought the bowl closer, ensuring Lucy that the food is all hers and there is nothing to worry about. But, when this didn’t work either, he started hand-feeding her.

As soon as Lucy understood what was going on, she relaxed a bit and started enjoying the big bowl of yummy food in front of her.

I truly feel so bad for her. She seems heartbroken, you know? This dog had been through it. Sometimes you see a dog that is on the edge of giving up. She just seems like she’s about to give up.

The first night at her new home went by with little to no sleep. She was probably in shock not only because of what was going on right then, but how different it was from her life before.

Asher decided that it was for the best if he took Lucy out on her first walk.

He put on her leash to ensure her safety, and even though Lucy was still a bit stiff, hearing some barking on the other side of the door must have comforted her and given her strength because as soon as the door opened, she was out.

dog lucy sitting down looking up at the camera
Source: The Asher House

Walking around cautiously, she found herself surrounded by a pack of dogs who were happy residents of The Asher House.

Although she was standing quite stiff, processing what was going on, it looked as if she didn’t mind all those dogs sniffing and checking her out.

Some of the dogs even took a protective roll over her. They must have understood that she had a hard past and needed some friends who were going to stick by her side no matter what.

Loving The New Life

It took her some time to adjust to the big change, but after a week, she was a brand-new dog.

From avoiding eye contact with Asher to approaching him and asking for cuddles, she sure got out of her shell.

Lucy now loves her forest walks with the pack, finally being where she belongs, surrounded by lots of love, fun, and adventure.

photo of golden retriever lucy with other dogs at the river
Source: The Asher House

Final Word

My heart fills with joy whenever I come across an incredible story such as this one.

Lucy, I hope your days just keep getting better and better, and that your bond with the pack grows so strong that it becomes unbreakable.

And, Asher, thank you for your loving heart and all of the efforts you put towards helping our four-legged friends in need.

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