From Twins to Quintuplets: The Unbelievable Journey of a Woman Who Welcomed 5 in 3 Years

After the birth of two sets of twins within three years, a mother now has five children under the age of five.

In 2017, 24-year-old Nadine Robertson from Doncaster welcomed her daughter Isla, followed by twins Olivia and Ivy in 2018.


Cody and Hazel, the youngest children, arrived ten weeks ago.

Nadine, who conceived both sets of twins naturally without IVF, mentioned that neither she nor her husband Phil had a his tory of twins in their families.

The oldest of Nadine Robertson’s five children under the age of five is Isla, who is only four years old. Pictured are Nadine and Phil Robertson, holding Cody and Hazel, with Olivia, Isla, and Ivy in the foreground.


Nadine Robertson, a young mother, has given birth to four children in three years, including two sets of twins. Olivia and Ivy are depicted cradling infants Cody and Hazel.

Twins Olivia and Ivy were born on the same day as their older sibling in 2018. Olivia, 3, Isla, 4, and Ivy, 3, are pictured.

The addition of Cody and Hazel ten weeks ago completed the family of seven members. Now, Nadine frequently receives comments from strangers when she is out with her twins.

Although acquaintances frequently asked Nadine if she had undergone IVF, both sets of twins were conceived naturally.


The mother of five stated, “I honestly just wing it every day.” I awaken with the hope that the rest of them will be in a pleasant mood and willing to assist me. It’s insane, but I adore it.

Each pair of twins shares a room, while Isla has a room to herself in the family’s four-bedroom residence.


She added that she frequently receives comments from strangers when she walks out with both sets of twins.

She stated, “Every time I go out, strangers approach me on the street.

“As soon as they realize there are two infants in the pram and I have two more with me, they always comment on it.”

Because I’m a member of numerous Facebook groups for twin mothers, I see a large number of individuals with two sets of twins.


Nadine hopes that all her children will be in high spirits when she wakes up, but despite the fact that it is “crazy,” she enjoys it. Olivia, 3, Isla, 4, and Ivy, 3, are shown cradling Cody and Hazel.

The young family has a lot going on and understands why people are inquisitive, but Nadine acknowledges that she now finds it normal.


Olivia and Ivy are wearing identical swimsuits for the family portrait. All pairs of twins were conceived by natural means.

However, I assume that for other people it is not so typical.


The comments vary from inquiries about their behavior to whether the children are the result of in vitro fertilization.

Nadine stated, “I am constantly asked, primarily by elderly individuals, if I had IVF, which I did not.

“When the first individual asked me, when I had my first set, I was stunned.

“It’s so strange because if you only had one child, no one would ever inquire, ‘were they natural or did you undergo IVF?’

“However, I get this question a lot, especially now that I have two sets; I know people are just curious.”

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