Clever Pup Finds the Perfect Strategy to Dodge Those Dreaded Baths!

This Quirky Dog Has The Ultimate Way To Avoid Baths He Hates So Much

Seriously, mom? Will you ever stop with the cleaning? 

I feel so squeaky like a rubber ducky.

Must… find… some… dirt… now!

Must… get… this… white… coat… super… dirty…

Nugget had no problem finding a way to make his crisp white coat super dirty. The moment he saw that lawn, he knew it was his chance… his breath of freedom.

That’ll teach his mom not to give him baths all the time!

Nugget, The Green Monster

bathed dog in the sink
Source: @twin.magnolias

Nugget, his hooman mom and dad, along with two twin sisters, Labrador sis named Ellie, and a flock of hens, all live together on a micro farm in Richmond, Virginia. Country life really suits them all, especially Nugget. He’s got lots of energy to spare, and lots of space to do his zoomies.

Farm life can be quite dirty, and if you’re a white-coated dog, every step you take is a lottery: will you step into hen’s poo, mud, or freshly-mown grass?

Nugget knows his way around the farm, but he’s still not a neatnik. Nugget is still a doggo, and this doggo LOVES to get dirty.

The one thing he hates are baths. 

By having a mom kinda obsessed with cleaning (as any mom, right?), Nugget has encountered a few nuggets in the road any time he wants to enjoy farm life to the fullest.

His mom, Jennah, simply can’t say no enough times to stop Nugget from getting dirty.

He’s even happy if he gets to dip his pawdorable snout into some mud!

a dog with a dirty muzzle is looking at the camera
Source: @twin.magnolias

And, he’s super grumpy when mom catches him and forces him to clean himself… Ugh!

portrait of a dog bathing in a bathtub
Source: @twin.magnolias

One one occasion, as a result of retaliation for every sink bath he ever took, Nugget did something incredible.

No one thought he would come up with such an idea.

No one could believe how dirty that tiny dog could get!

Nugget’s power of transformation left everyone speechless.

He turned into a doggy Hulk.

No, scratch that!

He turned into a Grinch!

Oh, wait… I have a better one!

Nugget turned into Oscar the Grouch, from the Muppets!

The smol pupper jumped on the opportunity and rolled on freshly-mown grass that turned him green from head to toe!

No, mom was not impressed with Nugget’s transformation. We all know how difficult it is to remove grass stains. Imagine having it removed out of a white, fluffy coat!

It took a while, but Nugget was successfully washed and all the stains were removed using some dish soap. It was a desperate cry for help, but the dish soap did its charm. However, Nugget’s mom knows very well what kind of shampoos dogs should use.

the woman is holding a dog that is green with grass
Source: @twin.magnolias

Look at that face! That face says: I regret nothing! 

Nugget’s stains of pure joy did wash off, but he’ll cherish those moments of bliss forever. Since he’s still living his farm life in Richmond, Virginia, with his big family, the chances that Nugget would turn green the next time dad mows the lawn are super high.

Until his next transformation happens, we root for Nugget, and would like you to follow his mommy who posts fun farm content, including Nugget, on Instagram!

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