Capturing Canine Surprises: 28 Unforgettable Dog Encounters from the ‘Dogspotting’ Facebook Group

23 Pics Of The Best Unexpected Dog Encounters From The ‘Dogspotting’ Facebook Group

According to the Facebook group of the same name, ‘dogspotting’ is a “sport and lifestyle of spotting random dogs.” It’s a wonderful place on the internet where people can share adorable and precious pictures of all the doggos that they spot on the streets.

It’s also a fun place to hang out and enjoy beautiful pics of pups with the people who love dogs just as much as you do.

The rules of the group are simple: don’t post your own dog or a dog you’ve already met, only spot members of the Canis familiaris group, and provide adequate context. Currently, the group has more than 1.8 million members, and it is very popular all over the world.

The key is to capture the precious moment, share it, and bring smiles and joy to others. No matter what, a wholesome photo of a dog can always make your day better.

Enjoy our top picks and join the pawsome dog-loving community.

#1 High Five Dog

This is the kind of positive energy the world needs!

the woman at the ATM, the dog is peeking out of her backpack
Source: Facebook

#2 Happy Birthday, Jasmine

“Jasmine just turned 18!”

the dog is standing and looking at the camera
Source: Facebook

#3 Best Wedding Crashers Ever

“Yesterday morning Alexander and I eloped in a self-solemnization ceremony. We made our vows, we exchanged rings, and the second we finished our kiss, the gorgeous Freya was suddenly at our feet, with her brother Bruno not far behind. It honestly felt like the universe blessing our marriage. Owner kept apologizing to our photographer Cara when they walked through the pics, but we were loving it. 1,000,000/10 best wedding crashers ever.”

a young married couple with their dogs
Source: Facebook

#4 Teeny Tiny Baby

“Had no idea I was sitting next to an angel until the very end of the flight when I heard Phoebe *squeak* .”

cute chihuahua in man's hand
Source: Facebook

#5 Shed Monsters

“These two goofballs gave me a mini heart attack when they popped up to wall here. No borks, only wanted pets. Would gladly pet these shed monsters again.”

two huskies peek out from behind the wall
Source: Facebook

#6 Poodle Queen

“Saw this queen outside value mart today. She didn’t have to stunt on us this hard.”

the dog is sitting in front of the shop
Source: Facebook

#7 Enjoy The Moment

“Dewey is 6 and he sees with his heart… and with his nose and his ears. Blindness does not stop him from enjoying life, or a day at the beach. He has a very loving mom and dad who know how to care for him properly. 1000/10 for this boy. In Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA, USA.”

the dog stands on the sand with closed eyes
Source: Facebook

#8 Peep, The Heart-Shaped Tongue

“My boyfriend (not on Fb) just sent me this pic from the brewery where he works and now I’m dead. #RIPme”

the dog licks the glass
Source: Facebook

#9 The Sweetest Vice President In The World

“Our office recently hired a senior. He’s 15. Has no teeth, can barely smell or hear. But, he is perfect.”

cute dog sitting on his pillow
Source: Facebook

#10 Puppuccino, Please

“I work at Starbucks and this happened today in the drive thru.”

a man in a car with dogs
Source: Facebook

#11 A Dog That Knows What It Wants

“Met Callie boating today. 10/10 would rub her butt.”

cute bathed dog
Source: Facebook

#12 Employee Of The Month

“Thank you to this kind gentleman for directing me to the 2x4s. What lovely staff.”

the dog is sitting on the tiles with a sheet
Source: Facebook

#13 The Golden Pup

“Proof that there is gold at the end of a rainbow!”

golden retriever looking out the window
Source: Facebook

#14 The Cutest De-Paws-It

“yes hello. I would like to withdraw all available treats.”

dog leaning on the bar
Source: Facebook

#15 Puppy Parade Coming Through

“Spotted this daddy leading his hoard of puppers to the yard for playtime. 15/10 would get smothered in kisses by these cute babies again.”

dog and his cute puppies
Source: Facebook

#16 Handsome Passenger

“Just met this absolute beaut and I’m in love. Say hello to Mylo.”

pit bull tied up on the bus
Source: Facebook

#17 Flower Pup

“This picture will make your day so much happier I promise, this made mine.” 

retriever with a flower on his head
Source: Facebook

#18 Room Service 10/10


UPDATE: her name is Floppy and she loves oatie biscuits”

the dog is standing in front of the front door
Source: Facebook

#19 Surf Dog

“Spotted Ms. Finnegan posing on the lake, my cousins just bought the cutest mini goldendoodle. 10/10 best surfing prodigy”

a dog on a board rides with a man on the water
Source: Facebook

#20 Living The Best Life

“Tiny doggo making his superstar debut 📸 Trevi Fountain, Rome”

a woman is holding a Chihuahua in her hand, the other is a photographer
Source: Facebook

#21 Office Doggo

Would definitely visit…

a golden retriever stands in front of the door and watches
Source: Facebook

#22 Precious Baby

“This is Penny. She is 4.5 weeks old and has the side eye down pat already!”

cute dog in the hands of a man
Source: Facebook

#23 A Hydrant Pup

“this is Jessie! She came up to my roommate and I asking for pets when she was passing on her walk in Salem, MA. After a short conversation about her, Jessie’s father beckoned us to the nearest fire hydrant (which was about 10 feet away). She hopped onto it without prompt, and I wonder what a shock it was for him when he found out she does that. This was also my favorite part of the trip and a story I will pass onto my grandchildren now.”

the dog is sitting on the water drain
Source: Facebook

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