Blessed with Love: Foster Dog Welcomes an Extraordinary Bundle of Joyful Puppies

Foster Dog Gives Birth To An Incredibly Big Litter Of Puppies

No one is ever really prepared for babies. Even if you thought you were ready, you’ll find out that you aren’t and there are still things that could surprise you.

Human babies are a lot of work.

But, imagine giving birth to 14 little ones and raising them without a single problem occurring.

Yeah, that sounds like quite a story.

Well, it is quite a story and it’s definitely not made up. Pebbles, the foster dog, gave birth to a huge litter of puppies. Nothing would be too odd if Pebbles wasn’t a small dog carrying way too many puppies than her little body could allow.

This brave dog mommy is a miracle of nature and our next inspirational story.

How Many Puppies Is Too Many Puppies?

pregnant dog laying
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Carter wasn’t prepared to foster a pregnant dog, let alone her puppies, but there she was: begging her with her kind eyes to take her home and make her feel safe.

Chunky Monkey, that’s what she first called Pebbles, the dog she found, which was looking like she was about to pop any second. Her belly was absolutely ginormous, hiding God only knows how many puppies.

Pebbles came to Carter about a week before the D day. It seemed like the angels sent Carter to help Pebbles have a smooth and safe delivery. No dog wants to give birth out on the streets or in a kennel. A cozy, loving home is exactly what those moms-to-be need.

It was around 2 AM when the first puppies came into this world. Carter came to check up on her and saw five little ones nursing.

“Oh, wow, five! This is so manageable.”, said Carter for herself.

But, little did she know, Pebbles wasn’t quite done yet.

And then, Carter saw Pebbles having another contraction. The delivery wasn’t over! There were more puppies inside waiting to crawl into this world.

After a long night of popping out puppies, Pebbles gave birth to an incredible number of 14 puppies!

puppies sleeping on a bed
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Where did they all fit? Oh, right, inside that huge belly of hers. The little momma’s belly deflated when her babies came out – 14 incredibly precious little ones, and not a single stillbirth.

Pebbles turned out to be such a great dog mom. She focused completely on bringing those pups into this world and raising them the best way possible… of course, with a little help from Carter.

Little by little, all 14 little ones grew up, ready for adoption. It’s such a blessing that they didn’t lose any of them while growing up. These pups were showered with love and care and they couldn’t wish for a better dog mommy than Pebbles.

You’ll be happy to hear that all 14 pups found their furever homes, including their mom. 

Pebbles, now named Zara, got a loving family and a special little boy that adores her.

kid playing with the dog
Source: YouTube

Yes, feelings are mutual because Zara can’t get enough of Wyatt, her hooman big boy.

She’s finally living a good life, doing regular dog stuff and getting her much-needed rest from raising 14 babies. Phew, that was quite an adventure!

I beg you, if you have the conditions to foster a dog, especially a pregnant one, don’t hesitate. It’s quite a project, I. It requires many sleepless nights and a lot of dedication, but the end result is absolutely worth it.

No dog wants to be left alone. Imagine what it’s like for poor dog moms to be, without a roof over their heads or a safe environment for their upcoming puppies.

Save more than just one life. Step up and save the world!

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