“Beautiful Girl with Unique Bicolor Eyes and Hair”

The beautiful baby girl has unique two-colored eyes and hair

Possessing extremely beautiful and pure beauty, like an angel with extremely strange features, a little girl has become famous on social networks with just a few photos. That is Amina Ependieva, born on December 11, 2008 in the capital Grozny, Chechen Republic of the Russian Federation. 

Anima is very famous in Chechnya thanks to her natural beauty, but in reality, the story behind this little girl is very heartbreaking.

The anime began to be known after some photos of the girl were posted by photographer Amina Arsakova on her personal Instagram social networking site. The photos posted in January 2020 quickly spread on various social networking platforms at breakneck speed.

However, that is still not the most attractive thing about Anime. What makes people keep looking at the photos of this 12-year-old girl is her strange hair and eye color. 

The anime has 2 hair colors: White and brown, and also has 2 eye colors: The left eye is blue and the right eye is amber. This not only helps her look strangely beautiful but is also almost unique in the world.

Beautiful baby girl with unique two-color eyes and hair photo 1
Beautiful baby girl with unique two-color eyes and hair photo 2

Initially, some netizens admired the beauty of the Anime but suspected it was not real. Many people think that Anime wore contact lenses or that the photographer used some special effects and techniques to give her such a special appearance. 

However, later they learned that these photos were also the real life appearance of the Anime.

In fact, this girl inherited two rare genetic mutations that cause albinism and heterochromia. 

Albinism is the absence of melanin pigment in the skin, hair and iris, causing the patient to have pure white skin, and at the same time the hair, eyelashes, eyebrows… also turn white. 

Besides, the eyes of people with albinism may turn bluish, reddish or lilac. The rate of newborns with albinism in the world is about 1/20,000 births.

Beautiful baby girl with unique two-color eyes and hair photo 3

Iris dyspigmentation is an anomaly when the left and right iris have 2 different colors. This is because one iris has more melanin than the other. Iris dyschromia does not affect the sufferer’s vision but gives them a truly unique appearance. 

Although most people believe that little girl Amina has partial albinism (albinism is only present in one or a few small areas of the body), some people also think that she may have Waardenburg type 1. 

Waardenburg syndrome is a group of symptoms caused by genetic disorders including congenital hearing loss and changes in pigmentation (color) of hair, skin, and eyes.  

People with Waardenburg syndrome often have very light blue eyes or two different colored eyes. Sometimes an eye has parts of two different colors.

People with this condition frequently also have distinctive hair color, such as a patch of white hair or hair that turns gray prematurely. 

Other common facial features include a wide gap between the eyes due to the wide base of the nose, a low hairline, or eyebrows that touch the middle. 

Waardenburg syndrome has a higher than average association with intestinal and spinal defects, cleft lip and palate, and white pigmented patches on the skin similar to vitiligo.

There are at least four different types of Waardenburg syndrome and several subtypes within the four types. Types I and II are the most common types, while types III and IV, which include intestinal malformations, are relatively rare.

Characteristics of Waardenburg syndrome type 1 are high nose bridge, flat nose tip, connected eyebrows,…

Whatever the cause, Amina’s rare genetic mutation has given her an amazing appearance. 

Currently, Amina is still studying in high school, but many netizens firmly believe that this girl can succeed with a modeling career in the future.

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