A Mother’s Journey with Identical Daughters: A Son Overflowing with Love and Coordinated Attire #FamilyLove #SiblingBond

When asked to describe her life with 5-month-old triplet girls and an almost 5-year-old son in one word, Pennsylvania mom Karae Coursey offered two: “organized chaos.” One look at the pics she shares on Instagram of her family, and you might add “adorable,” too.

Coursey, who is a twin herself, had a hunch she was having twins when she felt more ɴᴀᴜsᴇᴀtᴇᴅ and tired than she did during her first pregnancy with her son, Kanon. During an appointment, the ᴜʟtʀᴀsᴏᴜɴᴅ technician confirmed her suspicion.

Then, a doctor came in to review the information and said she was actually pregnant with three.“My husband [Bryant Coursey] almost fainted and left the room to call his dad,” Coursey said. “I called my sister, mom and dad as soon as I could. Everyone was excited about the news of the twins, but they were sʜᴏᴄᴋᴇᴅ to hear it was actually triplets. Twins run in our family.”

After welcoming her identical triplet girls – Bailey, Beau and Brook – five months ago, Coursey decided to share photos of them, often in coordinated outfits, on Instagram to coincide with the blog she started as a creative outlet called Truly Triplets.

The proud mom said connecting with her more than 6,000 followers has been helpful and fun.“People’s responses to the triplets have been amazing,” she said. “I didn’t personally know of any triplets before having them. Now I look for other triplets and multiples on social media.”

Coursey also posts photos of her almost 5-year-old son, Kanon. She said he “adores” his little sisters.

“He’s very affectionate towards them, takes his big brother role seriously and wants to help,” she said. “He wakes up in the morning wanting to lay down next to them. He thinks he knows what they are saying and already wants to show them off. He knows they’re special.”

Growing up with a twin, Coursey wore coordinated outfits with her sibling for most of her childhood. In many of the photos she posts on Instagram, her girls look more than happy to wear matching onesies.

Coursey also has plenty of advice for other parents of multiples. Coursey encouraged moms and dads to accept help from family during this “overwhelming” time and to make an effort to get out of the house occasionally. She also wants moms struggling to breastfeed to not be so hard on themselves.

“After four weeks, Bailey and Beau came home two days apart from each other, and Brook came home a week later,” she said. “Not only was it hard to visit the hospital during this time, but it was even more difficult to find time to pump. Preemies are not good nursers, and it would tire them out. Once I started them on formula, there was a weight that was lifted, I wasn’t so anxious about feedings.”

For moms constantly walking back and forth from the kitchen to the kids, Coursey suggested a mini fridge and bottle warmer for the nursery.Her best advice is the most simple of all: “It gets easier,” she said. “Hang in there.”

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