“A Heartwarming Welcome: Newborn Greets Father with a Radiant Smile Moments After Birth!”

A newborn greets her father with an enormous smile shortly after birth.
A пewbοrп greets her father with aп eпοrmοus smile shοrtly after birth.
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The infant has spent so much time listening to its mother’s voice since the 16th week of gestation that it is able to discern her voice. Due to her mother’s voice and fragrance, the infant immediately recognizes her and forms a strong attachment to her. Even during pregnancy, nature guarantees that a strong bond is formed between mother and child.


This article’s featured image went viral in social networks within hours of capturing a newborn smiling at her father while resting on her mother’s bosom. It appears to be a typical photograph of parents greeting their newborn child into the world, but what is most remarkable is that this fragile infant smiled when she heard her father’s voice.


The neonate recognized her father’s voice, so when she heard it, she directed her gaze and smile toward him. This is possible because the father frequently communicated with the mother’s family, enabling the infant to recognize him at birth. Her father always communicated his expectations to her. The mother, Tarsila, commented to the media:

“He greeted me when I left for work, and I greeted him when I returned. Always ensuring her of her presence, he would stroke her arm. Unbelievably, it appeared that she would begin to move daily at the same moment.


So, when the infant was born, the father, whose name was Flavio, repeated the same words he had been saying during the months of stt while his daughter was still inside her mother’s womb. Antonella immediately recognized her voice and displayed a gorgeous smile to let everyone know.



The little girl was born on August 11, Father’s Day, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her father said the following to a Brazilian media outlet:

“I thought I knew what a feeling of true love was until I looked at the most sincere smile in the world… That’s when I could be sure what love is.”


Unborn infants can hear external stimuli through their mother’s hearing, and if they are repeated at birth, they can differentiate between them. Additionally, an infant in the can differentiate between distinct languages. This provides substantial evidence that fetuses begin learning about the world before birth. It is therefore highly recommended that both mothers and fathers communicate with and sing to their infants before they are born, as it is a means of establishing a relationship with them before birth.

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