A Heartwarming Tale: Kind Family Adopts Tied-Up Dog Found Near Their New Home

A Kind Family Discovers A Tied Up Dog Near Their New House And Decided To Adopt Her

Buying a new house is always an exciting adventure, but this couple couldn’t have dreamed of what they would find in their new house.

The people who sold them the house left behind their 10-year-old dog that they had since she was a puppy. They just heartlessly tied her to a tree and moved out.

A beautiful Pitbull girl named Molly suddenly found herself abandoned by her family, heartbroken, and tied to a tree with no way to escape.

She spent her days all alone, stuck on a chain in the back yard, waiting for the people she once loved so much to come back.

But, sadly, the previous owners drafted the list of things they wanted to keep, and Molly was not on it.

dog tied to a tree

April Parker, the new owner of the house in Fairhope, Alabama, wrote on her TikTok“They just didn’t want her. They wanted their beehive and tractor, but not her or the cat.” 

“We couldn’t believe someone would treat her like property. But, she’s better off. She’s gonna have a great life!!! We love her!! Their loss, our gain!!”

As soon as April and her husband, JC, had closed the contract, they rushed to their new house to check on their new pets. Heartbroken, Molly was lying in the middle of the yard, looking sad and depressed.

But, as soon as they let her free, she immediately started wagging her tail and following them around.

This sweet girl wouldn’t stop following them around, obviously scared that she would be abandoned once again.

“We are going to make her life so good. She will never be left all alone, tied to a tree,” April wrote.

Molly was immediately in love with her new family. She was such a sweet girl that everyone was wondering how someone could leave her behind just like that.

They tried to find the cat as well, but they had no such luck since it was probably scared and hiding somewhere in the yard.

After a couple of days, they did find her. It was a beautiful orange cat, but she was very skittish, so they decided to continue working on her to get her used to them.

They also found out that Molly is terrified of thunder, probably because she was all alone outside for so long, which was just heartbreaking to think about.

April and JC brought Molly inside the house where they gave her a much-needed bath and tried to get her used to being a house dog.

The family already had two cats (Brainsaw and Joofus) and two other dogs, Roux (the Catahoula) and Mojo (the Labrador Retriever), which are rescue dogs as well.

It took some time getting used to the new family members, but all animals seemed to like each other and were soon the best of friends.

One time, Molly was really scared of the thunder, and one of the cats (Joofus) sensed how distressed she felt, so the cat jumped onto the bed and comforted Molly until the storm had passed.

The new pup pawrents took Molly to visit the Colony Animal Clinic in Fairhope, Alabama. Unfortunately, Molly tested positive for heartworm and had right-sided heart myopathy.

“We are doing the full treatment that will be administered over the next few months. We are hopeful treatment will help her not only feel better, but will slow progression of the disease,” April wrote on TikTok.

The video of Molly being found tied to a tree in the back yard of the house became viral on TikTok, generating over 32.5 million views.

cute dog with toys

People were eager to help Molly and send her everything she needed. Amazingly, a couple of days later, the family received a bunch of gifts for Molly. She was so happy.

“We really love how many people love Molly. When you watch the news you feel like the world is full of bad people. I have found the world is actually full of amazing people and I feel so blessed by so many of them. We love yall!”, April wrote.

Molly has changed so much since she became part of the new family. She is loved, happy, and hopefully will be completely healthy very soon.

dog enjoying at home

She enjoys car rides, playing with her new brothers and sisters, and snuggling.

Molly, you deserve the world, and we are all so happy you found the family that loves you unconditionally.

dog posing in front of the picture

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