A Heartwarming Gesture: Family Installs a Stool to Help Their Dog Visit Friends Beyond the Fence.

Vito and Bambino, two tall Great Danes, had no problem seeing over the wall that separates their yard from the neighbor’s.

However, not everyone is born with such vertical prowess.

Vito and Bambino gained a new roommate around six months ago: Giuseppe, a chocolate Lab.

His presence was a welcome development for the Danes, but exchanging polite welcomes proved difficult.

However, Giuseppe’s family experienced a “aha” moment.

“Giuseppe would jump as high as he could in an attempt to say hello. “If only you had a step stool,” Giuseppe’s father, Robert Carnes, told The Dodo.

But then he realized they did, in fact, have one.


“I had one of my kids go in there and get the stool,” Carnes explained.

And with that, Giuseppe was able to view his canine neighbors eye-to-eye for the first time.

Giuseppe’s father took a picture of this invention and sent it to Vito and Bambino’s mother. She adored it.

“My first response was to burst out laughing,” Tarin said. “I couldn’t help myself when I saw his little paws completely stretched and his tail all blurred out from wagging too rapidly. It’s so friggin’ adorable. It surely gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling.”


Fortunately, even with the step stool, Giuseppe and the Danes aren’t constantly separated. Since their parents have grown to know one another and witnessed their puppies’ growing bond, they’ve all started going for walks together.

It’s comforting to know, though, that on other instances, the wall no longer completely separates them.

“The lads have a lot of fun together,” Tarin remarked. “It’s wonderful to have that kind of relationship with our next-door neighbors.”

Giuseppe, Vito, and Bambino, probably feel the same way.

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